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Hey I searched the topics but couldn't find what I was looking for . I was wondering how I could save a project on one computer and save it on a flash drive then open it up on another computer.  I have  the demo of hit film on my work computer that I tinker with while at work instead of facebook lol.  I have the full version on my home laptop and was wanting to save what I was working on with the demo to finish up on my home laptop if that makes sense.  I know in After effects there is a functioin to gather files.


  • Robin
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    There is no specific function to collect all files the project uses, but you can manually put all the files you need onto a flash drive and transfer the project to another computer without problems. You just need to make sure the project uses relative file paths instead of absolute ones (Check the settings screen in HitFilm for this option) and maintain the relative folder structure of the files on the new drive.
  • diabloogre
    diabloogre Website User Posts: 33
    ok that is what I was thinking good thing here at work I just save it all to my desktop.
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