Filmmaker IQ

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I may be late to the party, but I was just made aware of the Filmmaker IQ website. From their own description, 
"You’ve come here to find out who we are but what you will see here is what we stand for. is a group of filmmakers born in this new media wave but never forgetting the past. We use the tools we have available to us today to tell stories our forefathers never dreamed possible.
We have reached a technological turning point in filmmaking. What was once expensive and time consuming is now a press of a button and a few mouse clicks. It’s easy to celebrate or shun this revolution as it is just as easy to forget the whole medium of filmmaking is just over a century old. But the mechanisms underlying our young medium- the emotional connection to story and imagination – are handed down to us from distant ancestors far into the past. From stories round a flickering campfire to mythic heroes battling on a flickering screen, the mechanism remains the same. That mechanism is what makes us human.
No discussion on how to make films is truly complete without understanding why film works – no camera or special effects can save an uninteresting story. But those things do matter. Both are essential to filmmaking and both essential to our purpose at FilmmakerIQ.
But they are not equal… the “how” is the slave to “why“. We love talking about cameras and the tools of making film. But Story is King and everything else is subject to it. You cannot make good film unless you pay tribute to Story first, last and every step inbetween.
Welcome friends to Inspiration and the tools to fullfill that dream and a safe place to share your films."
I've been checking it out, and I'm really impressed with the amount of knowledge on the site. They have essays, quizzes, and track your progress through their courses (which include recommended viewing and analysis of past classics and current movies). 
As someone who hasn't gone to film school, it's sites like these (and communities like Hitfilm and a few others) that help me overcome plateaus. If you haven't already, I highly suggest you take a look. It's free, so that's always a plus!