What specifics can filmmakers learn from photography?

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...Besides almost everything?

So I was browsing google+ this morning (they have a new refresh, you should check it out), and I came across this tutorial for 1/4 tone and 3/4 tone luminosity masks, which admittedly, I had absolutely no knowledge about before. 
Of course, the techniques seem to be geared specifically towards photoshop, but I was wondering if the same theories could be applied to film, and color correction specifically. I'm woefully undereducated on the use of histograms, although I'm wrapping my brain around the best uses of curves (see what I did there?) now.
So, What do you think? Even though film and photography are two branches of the same tree, are there techniques that we can learn from new advancements?  
I'm excited to try to figure out how to translate what Doug Kaye (the video's author) did to video for color correcting means.


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    If you go to that page, the sixth video down in the list of videos can be watched for free, and has a nice explanation of Histograms.  He does about the best explanation of curves I've ever seen also, though none of that stuff is available for free.  There is also this video explaining histograms, which i made myself a while ago: 
    Just a few things that you might find helpful.
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    Thanks for the links, Axel. 
    One thing I've been trying to pay attention to are tutorials that are predominately for the photography audience, and if they can be adapted for film. Of course, some concepts will be harder than others.
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    Yeah, though a lot of the color manipulation stuff is pretty directly transferrable.  When you get into image editing, and combining bits of different images or removing and replacing bits of an image, that's where the process starts to differ between still images and motion pictures.  Conceptually a lot of stuff is similar, but the approach and specific techniques differ a bit more.
    My recent tutorial on creating a pencil sketch appearance in video was based off of a Photoshop process, and uses the exact same process that was used for a still image.