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Hi RevisionFX,
checking out
is there any plans of supporting Hitfilm for your plugins in the near future?
best regards,
Erik Alstad


I don't think they support plugins
Ask them if they plan to support OFX plugins (open effects plugins)


soo,.... is it / will it be supported...?


  • NuwandaNuwanda Website User Posts: 174
    Well, this would be nice indeed -> Twixtor is my plugin of choice :wub:
  • erikalserikals Website User Posts: 13
    smile.gif indeed...
    you can get the $50 Movie Studio though...
    then buy the plugin of your choice >
    $90 for RSMB...
    $150 for DE:Noise...
    $330 for Twixtor...
    it's a cheap solution, but it's a workaround to export it from MovieStudio for then to import it in HitFilm...'d bee good to be able to do it directly in HitFilm...
  • MichaelJamesMichaelJames Website User Posts: 2,038 Enthusiast
    I think there is more of a chance that hitfilm will make their own version.  Or well that company or someone could donate at the level where you get to help FXhome create a new 2d effect.
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    DE:noiser, yes, i can see HitFilm making something similar,
    Twixtor and RSMB however are a league of their own, i can't see HitFilm recreating those any time soon.
    i'd love to be wrong though... [crossing fingers]

    for now i'll probably get the $50 Movie Studio, and run the plugins through there,
    i do hope to see some plugin support in the future for HitFilm though...
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    The plug-in thing is an interesting debate. If you rely too much on plug-ins, you end up with an eco-system that relies on them, which results in customers having to pay lots of extra money to get the features they want. eg, to get 3D model import and decent particles in After Effects, you need to purchase Element3D and Particular on top of the already significant outlay of AE itself. Particular costs the same as the whole of HitFilm 2 Ultimate, to put it in context.
    On the other hand, by not having 3rd party plug-ins you potentially restrict users who maybe DO want to buy those extra things, or more niche plug-ins that provide features we'd never develop in-house.
    There's definitely a good balance to be struck somewhere in-between.
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    i've covered about 150 plugin previews (yes) for LightWave earlier... @-)
    i love to have the ability to make a program stronger, and plugins and scripts offer that to the user.
    some plugins / scripts might get broken in time, but overall, the good ones usually stick around, gets updates,
    and sometimes, if good enough, gets included in the app after some time.
    can more power be less power? sometimes i guess, but usually it makes the app stronger.
    that said, 3D applications rely more heavily on plugins, usually the small free ones...
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