Building 3d for hitfilm and element 3d/hitfilm

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Hey everyone, quick question for the vfx creators out there. I currently use AE CS6 + Element 3D, and Hitfilm 2. Both have 3d integration capabilities, for the most part using .obj files that are segmented by groups for animation.
I'm also a lightwave user, and haven't figured out how to export obj files in groups. All the tutorials I've seen have indirectly recommended Cinema 4D. Is that a program I should learn to make 3d assets for compositing into a visual effects program, or is there something I'm missing in lightwave?


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    HitFilm can import lightwave files (.lwo) directly, as far as I know. Cinema4D is an expensive program, I'd recommend blender for that.
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    Thanks guys. I've been a lightwave user since v6, and I'd hate to drop it out of my pipeline because of the multi-part object issue. While I keep hearing more and more about cinema 4d (even that a light version will be included in the next version of AE), it's tempting, but I love my Newtek buddies.
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    When I get chance I will do some LW to HFU tutorials (light wave fan boy here haha) for now avoid using Lwo in hfu for anything but basic models, it doesn't support layers and so on (nothing does really, not just hfu), probably the best way I suspect is to export to .object and have all your groups set up as textures and then fix in uvmapper free.

    Can you elaborate on "fix in uvmapper free"?
    I suppose that I could always split my LWO model into multiple pieces, then load each one individually, and parent them to each other, but they you have issues when the camera moves past the layer's intersection :(  

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    Awesome, thank you. I'll give that a shot tonight!
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