Music video: Ich bin S.A.M.

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"Ich bin S.A.M." music video clip. A homage to the speech synthesis program for the early 8 bit personal computers like Commodore 64 or Atari 800XL and Apple II back in the 80s.
"Ich bin S.A.M." means "I am S.A.M." and I tried to give the clip some kind of retro oldschool video look - incl. broadcasted on a fake music television channel.
Btw: It is my 1st track composed with NI Maschine Mikro :D


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    Just out of curiosity, how long did it take to put your vid together? Very creative. Love the retro look- and it still looks professionally done. Thanks for sharing! :) I think that's the first virtual lead vocalist I've ever seen....aside from Max Headroom who didn't really do music videos.
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    Thanks a lot :)
    The recording in front of the greenscreen took around 2 hours incl. some blank test shots.
    The post production took more or less 12 hours. I was playing around with some effects in Hitfilm in order to  alienate myself in the video playing the keys. Finaly I choose the "Half Tone" effect and in the background the Atomic Particles bound to the music track.
    My personal "Max Headroom" was created from a picture animated with "Crazy Talk". For this I did a special track of my song containing only the voice layer.
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      That is pretty good. I still have a bunch of Commodore stuff and even ran a BBS many years ago using it. :P  Tell me more about the NI Maschine Mikro. Is it self contained in the initial investment or do they nickel and dime you like printer ink? I may want to invest at a later date into the Maschine.
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    Hi Grumple,
    Maschine Mikro is really a wolf in sheep's clothing. Beside the hardware controller you will receive a full software bundle incl. the Maschine Sequenzer program (with 6 GB sample material and the Massive VST synth).
    So there are tons of sounds and loops available for a start. In addition you can purchase sample libraries and you can include any VST synth as well.
    Price is around USD 350,- so far.
    For detailed info please see here:
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    Thanks for the info. I am going to have to get one of those. :D  Guess it will be a birthday gift. Looks like a complete package or at least enough to keep me learning for a long time. Very cool.
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