Tiny Aliens A Sci Fi Short Funny My first short film

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Well I uploaded this to the movie wall and hope its worthy of the featured area. I used as many Hitfilm effects as I could learn in the time I had. This is my first short film and I learned alot about hitfilm making this. There are tons of things I would go back and fix or change. If I make another I will. The tutorials online and on the hitfilm youtube helped me enormously. I would have loved to have lights etc. on the ufo but the free one from hitfilm was all I could afford lol. Special thanx goes to the tuts I used and fx home. Credits are in the movie. Although you may need to pause to read them... they come up pretty quick. I did 90% of the audio in mixcraft 6. The rest I made myself or found online. It could use some better audio in some places and well I had 12 tracks of audio and getting the levels of every clip and effect and bite was harder than I thought, But was really fun and I learned what to do pretty quick. let me know what you think... Hope you like it. (for a first try) lol.