Can ADR be done in Hitfilm?

I have a directing style much like Peter Jackson without his talent, vision and genius, meaning I yell out direction as I film. I do it this way for a number of reasons, mainly because my actors are kids and are inexperienced and frankly don't study the script like a seasoned acter would/should. So naturally I need to do ADR in post. I have Hitfilm Ultimate 2 and have yet to figure a way do ADR. I usually have to open it in another (lesser) software, render it and bring it back. Does anybody have a better idea, or a work around? Thanks.


  • Robin
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    HitFilm has not many audio editing features yet. You can import, place and trim files, as well as (in the editor) see the waveforms or manipulate their volume. That's about it I think, you can't record audio in the program, and you can't really manipulate the audio itself.
  • jma
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    Yeah, audio is...not great. Would like to see left and right channels be able to be manipulated independently and a levels graphic (I work with teenagers who need a visual cue that their sound is not too quiet one moment and blow-your-ear-drums-oops-now-you're-bleeding loud)
    ADR is difficult. Really difficult, not just for the actors to try and match their lines, but also making the audio not sound like bad dubbing - really blending it into the aural scene, and this needs more features than Hitfilm currently supplies.
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