Hitfilm 1 and 2 on same machine?

I had been working on a scene in hitfilm 1 ultimate that is sort of complete but want to do the rest of the scenes for my movie in hitfilm 2 ultimate.   I had heard that if I uninstall 1 and install 2 that if I want to go back to rededit an old project that I would have to connect up all the media files all over again to it.   Is this true? (Theres would be a lot to connect in this project)
Can I have 1 and 2 both installed and switch between the two if I want to go back to fix somethingto avoid the reconnections.  I know hitfilm 2 is loads better but dont want to have the nightmare of re-connecting a lot of media files.  Whatever the answer I appreciate the advice before I precede!


  • Hendo
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    Yes, you can have both HitFilm 1 and 2 installed on the same computer.  You can even run them simultaneously.
    Most .hfp files from HF1 will open in HF2 without any problems, so I suggest you give it a go.
    The important thing to note is that if you save that .hfp in HF2, then you can no longer open it in HF1.  In other words, you cannot work on the same .hfp file using both HF1 and HF2.
    So it might be wise to first make a backup of the .hfp file, just so that you can always reopen it in HF1 if you need to.
  • Robin
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    What Hendo said, and also, about the reconnecting issue: I've had some trouble in cases where the file paths contained special characters, like for example the German 'ä', that were not correctly read and had to be relinked. But I think the HitFilm team has even fixed that bug, so I'd also suggest giving it a go. If you see that you have troubles, simply don't save the file in HitFilm 2 so you can open it in HitFilm 1 to continue work on it.
  • Freeze
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    Thanks so much!   that clears it up for sure!  Will take note of the backup file to prevent unwanted overwriting.   Thanks!!!!!!