Marvel Movie VFX breakdown

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So with Marvel is creating all these VFX jobs and inspiring the aspiring vfx artist they need a thread.  Everyone has focused on Avengers or Iron man but leave out some of the impressive movies.  Thor... The Incredible Hulk... Even Captain America.
Thor had some very cool VFXs which will be on display again with Thor 2.  The healing shield around odin had some good and interesting concepts involved in it.  Fluid and Particle simulation...
I actually really liked the Captain America movie... even though I thought I was going to hate it.  Captain America is like Superman in the sense that he can be really hard to deal with his boy scout like nature, also War World 2 movies are tough to do in general.  I think Marvel found a good balance.  Here was a break down of some of the scenes in that movie.
The incredible hulk was a fantastic movie and I love.  This kid did a good Hulk transformation where he explains a good method to do this.
Amazing Spiderman was a refresh to the character... and if you like it or not its here to stay.  the same guy did a webshooting tutorial
Heres a official breakdown


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    So I saw Iron man 3 on Thursday.  I liked it but have some complaints from a fan.  I won't bring them up here because first I want everyone to have an unspoiled experience and second this thread is about VFX.  I am looking for a Marvel VFX on the  red fire that come from people with Extremis in them.  I liked that version of someone being on fire.