what do you think of my idea?

Hey guys i've been writing 2 different screenplays but I think that this one that i'm going to tell you is the bets one that I have came up with.  I wanna call it "Directive"  and it is about these kids that had a harmless scientific experiment done on them when they were babies and developed super powers.  I already got 5 pages worth of script written in about an hour.  I'm curious on all of your opinions on this?  also is it possible to do an invisibility effect on Hitfilm? that would help me out a lot.  thanks guys! have a great day!


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    Speaking from the viewer's point of view- Who conducts the experiments on the kids and why? What's the purpose of the directive? Is it from a nefarious source? It sounds like a fun idea but it's all going to come down to what you do with the story line that will hold people's interest. Which is a concern I have with one of my own stories I'm putting together. I think people will find mine strange but that's okay. I like strange sometimes. I say got for it!
    As to the invisibility- this type?

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    The ultimate secret: Make the movie or series you want to see.
    It sounds like something that really has you hooked, and that's really all that matters. When you create something that you enjoy and you put it out there, like-minded people will find, follow and support you. If you change something for 'larger appeal' you start to dilute your own love and motivation.
    Also remember, unless you're doing this for a client, advice on filming techniques, timing, and even story needs to meet that standard of adding to your project, and if it takes away from your passion, realize you don't have to follow it. Just keep creating what you love.
    And for the record, yes, great idea that has potential to make a great story.
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    isn't that the plot to baby geniuses?
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    Are you shooting this yourself?
    Kids can be harder to work with:   Usually not trained actors.    Also legal rules can be tougher to work with them.
    Just my two cents.
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    The info you've given us so far is really just a loose premise, there's not enough to go on if you want more feedback on the story/idea itself.
    As Virchow says, though, if you're personally enthused about the story just go for it. That enthusiasm will come through in the film and you'll find an audience naturally.
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    thanks guys.  yes that type of invisibility will work.  I've been thinking a lot about my story line and i've been adding as much as i can to the story line over the past couple weeks.  Thanks guys so much for the support and i hope to be working on it soon!
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    Seems like it has been done in the past.  Spice it up and make it intersting and get a good plot twist going and the other comments above are good ideas also.  Good Luck.