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Are there any plans about more sound options in hitfilm in the future? maybe like a DLC or something? :) 


  • StormyKnight
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    I'd like to see a simple/basic 5-10 band E.Q. to boost bass or bring down the midrange, treble and hiss from some of those less expensive cameras with cheap mics. I'm just happy there is sound. HF came along as I was still learning VisionLab Studio so sound  (in stereo even!) is a blessing.
  • jma
    jma Website User Posts: 84
    Levels graphic/bar for each track (see attached for what Premiere does), the ability to independently manipulate left and right channels. These are two things I was genuinely shocked that HF didn't have.
  • Har
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    edited May 2013
    A parametric EQ, and compressor to smooth out dynamic levels when needed wouldn't hurt too. Or perhaps better yet, the ability to use 3rd party VST plugins per audio channel (though that would kinda take everything out of the HF "everything you need without plugins" model, I guess).
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