Anchor Point Problem and Screen Drift

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I've been having a problem (intermittently) getting the anchor points to move when in the Active Camera mode. In split view I can move the anchor points to determine where they are to be placed but even in split view the anchor points don't move if I'm trying to control them in Active Camera mode. Yesterday the anchor points worked fine but the day before I first noticed the quirk.
Also, I don't know if it's supposed to be like this but when I scroll out to find an object outside the field of view, the screen keeps moving to the left rather than staying centered. Is that normal? Seems to me in HF1 the screen remained centered when scrolling in and out- if I remember correctly.


  • SimonKJones
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    The canvas zoom scales around the position of the mouse pointer if you use your mouse scroll wheel. So it sounds like your mouse pointer might be off to the left. :)
    Can you go into more detail about the anchor point issue? Moving the anchor point seems to work fine here. Is it with a particular type of layer?
  • StormyKnight
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    Hi Simon,
    Yup- I had the cursor to one side or the other while scrolling. I didn't think to try the middle. Thank you for 'pointing' that out.
    As to the anchor point problem, I tried moving all the elements of the composite and narrowed it down to a 3D model. I use the model in two other short projects and there isn't a problem moving them in active camera mode in those.
    I used a lot of the same elements in the 2nd and 3rd projects- copied and pasted- including the model. Could that have caused an error? The weird part is I can move the model in every other view i.e. back, top etc.
    Another thing I noticed- sometimes when I turn the motion path on the anchor point moves. If I shut it off it stops moving. Turn it back on and it doesn't move.....but only in active camera mode. @-)

    I just noticed too that the directional arrows and the square pivot markers don't match their respective colors.
    The green arrow has the red marker above it- the red arrow has the green marker above it and the blue arrow and marker are askew.....looks like they are misaligned by 90 degrees. That's a double @-) @-).
    Before I work on the project any further, I'm saving another copy of it as is should you want to investigate further.
  • Robin
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    Well the square pivot markers are not in the color of the arrows they are on top of, but in the color of the arrow which shows the axis around which you will be turning the layer by dragging the pivot marker, so that's just like it should be ;)
  • StormyKnight
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    Holy catsaroni! Thanks, Robin. Regarding the pivot points and directional arrows......label me unobservant.....or duh on me for not noticing before this. Makes me wonder how I got as far as I have, learning HF2U, if I don't even notice a basic function. :wacko: I'd give up but I've invested too much time not to continue now.
    Still wondering about the other problem though.