Best Way to pull off slow motion in hitfilm 2 ultimate

Nate066 Website User Posts: 191
Ive tried the speed controls but then theres always a blackspot at the end of the clip. ive also tried shooting with 60 fps then play it at 30 fps in hitfilm but it looks to harsh. Ive seen it done in after effect (i own it) with time revamping and speed controls. But its a pain to fix the time in after effects then render then export to hitfilm. Is it just me or does hitfilm need better slow-mo/speed controls.


  • SimonKJones
    SimonKJones Moderator Website User, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 4,450 Enthusiast
    Yeah, better speed controls are something we'd definitely like to get in.
    Although I noted what you said about shooting at 60 and playing back at 30 looking 'harsh'. It shouldn't look harsh at all - in fact, shooting a faster framerate then playing back at a slower framerate is always the best way to go with slow motion if possible. Shooting 60fps for 30fps playback should result in a completely smooth playback at half speed, is that not what you're seeing? Are you changing the playback framerate in the assets's properties in the media panel or using some other method?
  • Nate066
    Nate066 Website User Posts: 191
    Oh thanks i was doing it by changing the main projects frame rate. I didn't even know media had properties. Thanks for the help. As always this is a great community. Another thing as a suggestion for hitfilm 2 ultimate (Ill put it into the requests topic as well) You should add support for animated models via FBX Like Unity 3D
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