Cooked Cat Productions Diary!

edited April 2013 in Practical Filmmaking
So, this is where it's all happening. 
I have a comedy series running:
Clones in Conflict Series 1.
CC Season 1.

this series is developed under the premise that I have many clones, all living under the same roof. these clones all having different quirks and habits. one, in, fact, acting like Ace Ventura.
I make my own music, and make some videos for my stuff, and stuff of friends. that can be seen here:
I'm also doing a number of stop motion animations. 
one being a series:

In this series we take common sayings literally, so, if you have any ideas or anything, leave a comment on one and that. you'll get credit.
The Midnight Films:
the midnight films, 2 animated batman adventures, one is nearing completion.. some footage examples of it are here: 

Gun test
Title Scene test
Midnight Detective
this is going to have a running time of about 20 minutes. more info coming.