Aerial perspective

Hey guys. How can i make aerial perspective in hitfilm? I know light wrap helps but is there any other ways? 
If you don't know what aerial perspective is then look at this picture 
[attachment=546:aerial perspective3.JPG]
You can see the landscape change color in the back, like it fades out. 
I am sorry if "Aerial perspective" is the wrong word to use (Someone was talking about it over at ), and sorry for my bad English, i am Norwegian. 


  • SimonKJones
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    That's an atmospheric haze. In the photo, the distant mountains have less contrast because the light from them is filtering through the moisture in the air. Similar to when there's a heavy fog, just a more subtle example.
    In HitFilm you can enable distance fog in a composite shot's advanced properties. Objects in 3D space will then be fogged appropriately based on the distance values. You can change the colour of the fog to match a live action plate, if relevant (eg, in that photo you'd want to go for a dark blue-mauve).
  • MjlnerVFX
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    ohhh! there is actually a option for that! i had no idea.... Thank you Simon :)  is there a user manual to HFU2? 
  • SimonKJones
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    Yes, you can find it on the Help screen inside the program. Click the big help button at the top. :)
  • TheRealJayWalker
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    Awesome that HitFilm can do this.  AP is one of the options in Vue which I couldn't live without..!