The Video Copilot Campaign - getting some future tuts done in Hitfilm 2

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Here is the goal, to get Video Copilot to do some of their future tutorials using Hitfilm.  Video Copilot has tons of free tutorials on their website that make use some of their products in After Effects.  A lot of their products can be used in Hitfilm and I think if they start receiving requests to do tutorials using Hitfilm some of the time they may see a market to make some of their free tutorials, which function as a product demo, in Hitfilm 2.
So please take the time and email this to Video Copilot
 Here Is a draft of a letter to email to Video Copilot.
email [email protected]
Hello Video Copilot,
                My name is ______ and I love your products.  I am writing this email because I would like you to consider doing some of your tutorials using Hitfilm 2 Ultimate by FXHome.  Hitfilm 2 can make use of your products from Action Essentials 2 to any of your 3D products.  Video Copilot has made a name for itself making high quality tutorials and products for filmmakers around the world to use.  Hitfilm 2 Ultimate is about Video Editing, Visual Effects, Compositing, with no compromises and is the perfect extension for Video Copilot to continue to develop.  Andrew Kramer  has had the opportunity to work with  J.J. Abrams and Hitfilm is helping to turn out a new generation of indie filmmakers whose are inspired by J.J. Abrams.  This would be a way for Andrew and Video Copilot to work with new generations of J.J. Abramses.


  • PawPaw
    PawPaw Website User Posts: 54
    What i totally great idea...
  • SimonKJones
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    As mentioned in the other topic...
    The only thing I'd say about contacting Kramer is a) don't hassle the man :) Be respectful (as your sample letter already is) b) tutorials take a lot of time and effort and he's a busy man. Making tutorials for AE makes direct sense for him because he sells plug-ins for that platform: I'm not sure he'll see direct value in putting similar effort into HF at this point. But, hey, it doesn't hurt to ask (politely).
  • myme
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    edited April 2013
    I think it's better that users create tutorials after they complete their short films. This way you will learn, teach and be a better person ;)
    Who knows, maybe some day someone from this forum popularizes HitFilm the same way Kramer popularized AE ;)
  • spydurhank
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    I agree with Simon and  BenjaminWozniakTV, There's no harm in asking but it'd be way better for us to do this ourselves. We could use one of these threads that you guys already started or start a new thread. If a couple of us pick one of his tuts to translate into HF2U... we may be able to put out a few tuts a week. I just think that it'd be better for the community, if we used our brains and figured it out on our own... it'd be way more rewarding. :)   
  • MichaelJames
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    @spydurhank I did start a reverse engineering AE tuts thread but it kinda got buried.  I've been around for a while now and people want short in length tutorials... but also want crazy deep tutorials too. I tried to break down some of the tutorials and carry them over but I have 0 background in hitfilm so some things I can guess.  Like I figured nulls were points.  Other things just were beyond me.
    @BenjaminWozniaktv I just think more tutorials are good in general.  User created or professional.
  • SimonKJones
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    MichaelJames - I wonder whether somebody just needs to do a single 'translation' tutorial, where they explain how core concepts map between different programs (eg pre-comping->embedded comp, null->point, solid->plane). Once you understand some of those fundamentals, it's actually pretty easy to watch a Kramer tutorial and adapt it for use in HitFilm (or any other compositor, for that matter).
  • MichaelJames
    MichaelJames Website User Posts: 2,038 Enthusiast
    @Simon that would be a very good idea.
  • jma
    jma Website User Posts: 84
    Could there be a tutorial specific sticky thread or even forum, just for posting user-made tutorials?
  • AxelWilkinson
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    edited April 2013
    There is already a playlist on our YouTube channel for user-made tutorials, if that helps:
  • jma
    jma Website User Posts: 84
    It does indeed!
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