Deinterlacing not handled as required

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All my editing/post projects are required to be in non-interlaced format and nearly all footage I use has been shot at 30p. However, I also have to use some interlaced clips and I handle these by discarding one of the fields. My workflow consists of Vegas Pro 12 to HitFilm Ultimate via the provided "plugin".
The problem is that HitFilm blends the two fields to create a pair of "ghosted" images in the frame. This is entirely unacceptable for my requirements. It seems that HitFilm pays no attention to the Vegas project settings and just does its own thing. As a result, I have had to render my clips from Vegas and run HitFilm as a standalone product.
One of the major selling points of HitFilm is its "integration" with Vegas. Unfortunately, this problem negates that key feature and I am begining to question my wisdom in investing in this product. I hope that this issue can be rectified soon, as I still have hopes for the successful use of HitFilm. But right now, I am rather frustrated.


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    HitFilm is designed to work with progressive video. When you send a clip to HitFilm from Vegas it'll send the original source clip, so any particular settings applied to that clip in Vegas won't be carried across. If the video needs to be deinterlaced in a specific manner it will indeed need rendering first with the desired deinterlacing. I understand that this isn't ideal for your particular workflow.
    Broader support for interlaced formats is something we may look into for a future version but interlaced video is becoming rarer each year, which is why we've focused on progressive.