WOVEN - Our Entry Into The Sci Fi London 48 Hour Film Challenge 2013

Hi guys,
I know a few of the regular posters have taken part in this competition in previous years, so I thought it would be a good place to share our entry. 
We had a great weekend making this short. It was our fifth year taking part, but for the last 2 years before this one, we ran into various issues that prevented us from making it back it time. This year, however, was an absolute dream. I had the privilege of working with a really dedicated team and we all had a great time. I can't stress enough that sleep and food must be scheduled to get through these things. It seems obvious, but I think this is where we fell down in previous years. Sitting around at 11PM eating a huge pot of chili con carne I made the day before was a lovely way to break up the night shoot and created a happy crew for the following dank, cold ubran exteriors that wrapped at 2.30AM. 
The brief we were assigned was:
TITLE: Woven
LINE: And I say you are mistaken. I wasn't talking to anyone
PROP: Pair of boots - a character reties the laces on a pair of boots
All feedback welcome as always.
Thanks everyone,