How to create a glowing aura effect

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Any suggestions on how to create this the glowing aura around his eyes and hands.
i would like to be a able to control the position of it with a point layer and have the dynamics pretty much the same.
Ive tried a particle simulator but the result is always to blocky ,now matter how many particles there are. Can i do this in hitfim 2 ultimate or am i going to have to use maya and 3ds max to create and composite the effect.
This is the best community ever, thanks for the help!


  • ESPictures
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    I would suggest using a neon glow together with the mystical fire preset.  Make sure the glow and the fire are about the same color and it should give you a similiar result.  The glow can be masked to give it a softer edge and the fire is a 3D effect, so you can rotate and position it any direction you like.  Maybe increase the number of embers to give it that particle trail.