canon 600d any good my new camera

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I bought a canon 600d a while back but havent had a chance to use it yet as until im made redundant end of august and spend a year living it up and learning the ins and outs of both ae and HitFilm for a year i wont have the time to use it and my last project urban jedi 2 the streets was all filmed on my old sony handy cam with one of those internal hard drives. Would love to know what people think of the 600d. I took some pics at a tolkien festival and was impressed by how how clear and crisp everything was no blur. my son throwing a tou sword in the air zero blur its like the sword just floated there. for you experienced guys i know thats nothing but until a few years ago I didnt look at the world the way I do know taking pictures of things noticing how amazing scenes are.
So after my rant whats the opinion on the 600d after everyone raved to me about dlsr's


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    HDSLRs are awesome tools for low budget storytelling. Canons are some of the best, they don't make one that doesn't do what it needs to. All HDSLRs currently share the same issues, though a couple have made improvements in some of those areas (like Panasonic's GH2). The T3i/600D will be one of your best options in the cropped sensor price range. The GH2 is probably the only similar body that bests it in video, but it isn't a better camera by any means.
    In other words, be happy with your purchase, it's one of the best values on a product like this that the market has ever seen. Just research it, learn it, and understand its limitations.
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    I bought a canon 600d {...} So after my rant whats the opinion on the 600d after everyone raved to me about dlsr's
    I have a Canon 600D too and filmed on a Sanyo Xactic HD2000 before. The Sanyo has all the features the Canon has plus some more (example 60fps at 1080 Progressive, headphone jack, no moire, better ergonomics etc.) and as long as lighting is good, the Sanyo really shines, but the extremely larger sensor, higher dynamic range and 24/25fps mode of the Canon make up for a completely different quality and feel of the picture.
    I keep the Sanyo because it's the better camera for certain situations where I require continuous Autofous and ease of use but for film-making you certainly don't hear it for the first and last time that ONLY DSLRs deliver the cinematic look and feel. The Panasonic GH2 and all other current Micro 4/3s cameras are technically no DSLRs and while the GH2 has a much sharper picture than the Canon DSLRs and no moire, it just doesn't deliver that cinematic look. Many people say it's the Depth Of Field, too sharp picture, too smooth video-like motion etc. I frankly don't know why but when you see footage side by side you will notice.
    The following videos were some of the reasons I chose the Canon 600D DSLR and not a Micro 4/3s camera like the GH2 from Panasonic despite the known Moire issue:
    [*]Location scout (Canon EOS 550D/t2i)
    [*]Canon T2i/Canon 550D - "Cemetario"
    [*]Glidetrack Test 2 - 'San Francisco' - Canon T3i / T2i / 600D / 550D
    [*]Left 4 Dead - The Movie (Part 2)
    [*]Konova Slider Montage Film
    [*]Cinematic Look: Canon 600D (Rebel T3i)[/list]And DSLRs shoot crystal clear:[list=2]
    [*]Canon 600D (T3i): HD Test Video [/list]
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