Ideas for underwater look?

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Hello folks,
   A friend is working on a project and needed a Dr Who type effect, but instead of a Tardis flying through space and time, uh, it's a outhouse/porta potty called Turdis flying through a garbage tunnel in the ocean :)
Here's what I've put together so far to show her. I started with Axel's 'Time Tunnel' tutorial (thanks, this helped a LOT), and just trashed it out from there :)   Used mostly displacement to try and give it an underwater look, but think it could be better.  One of the problems is all the motion, so can it be hard to see some simple effects for underwater.
Any suggestions?  Interested in hearing any for underwater effects, or on what you think my junky example below :)


  • MichaelJames
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    Maybe using a particle effect to make it look as if air bubbles are coming off it?
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    Nice effect!
    I hate to say it but, you should give that clip a more brown colored color grading to make it look like its traveling through sewage...
    And yeah, I think Michael is right. Add some bubbles to your particle effect.
  • AxelWilkinson
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    Good ideas, guys.  To add to them a bit...
    I'd add a particle emitter with a rectangular shape, parented to the, er, turdis, and enable the Boundary settings, so bubbles are created in the general areas of the edges of the turdis.  Then use a Force to pull the bubbles upward gradually., and possible a secondary force to add some turbulence.
    One of the key factors in creating an underwater appearance is the translucency of the water.  Underwater footage will generally be very blue, with very little contrast, due to the thickness of the water between you and the subject.  In this case, perhaps it should be a dirtier brown color, as Null Unit suggests, but I would create some sort of grading layer immediately in front of the camera.  It might work best to use a very subtle particle layer, a cloud type effect which would be continuously changing, set to a very low opacity with the color of your choice.  You could probably use something on a Plane as well, if you need to save processing power.
  • rgbii
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    Sometimes I have to wonder about my brain. I was just suggesting bubbles to the producer for another scene to make it work, but didn't even think about adding them to this. I was either brain blocked thinking of space and time, or just getting old :)
    Thanks guys for the suggestions, I like all of these. I showed the producer this video earlier before posting, and she just got back with me and said  "I like it, don't change a thing", but I think I'll pass these on to her - can always back any out any she doesn't like. I think these will really help sell the look.
    Axel, I do have some particles floating around (using atomic particles/fractal), but they are subtle and I think with all the motion, they go unnoticed.  I do like the rectangular shape with boundary setting for bubbles. I think that would look pretty cool.
    Also agree on the brown and think it should be done, but I know she likes bright 'happy' colors (a lot of my objects were originally darker/brown, and she wanted more red and green).
    Thanks again guys!