Laptop to run hitfilm?


  • AxelWilkinson
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    It looks like that machine is using a nVidia GeForce 630M graphics card, which is pretty much the bare minimum for HitFilm to function. So while that laptop will run HitFilm, I don't think I could say that it will run it well.  Performance will be about at the lowest level it can be; one more step down and Hitfilm won't even run.  Try looking for something that meets the Recommended specs for HitFilm, listed at the bottom of this page, to get better performance:
  • TheEvanM
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    Okay, thanks Axel!
  • TheEvanM
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    I'm looking for a laptop under $675 to run Hitfilm, and also blender, so a number pad would be nice, but not needed, since I can just buy a USB plug in number pad. I've been looking online a while and I can't find any laptops that are satisfactory. Any chance someone could give me some help? Thanks!
  • rgbii
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    Even though it might be possible to find one in that price range, I think it would be tough.  When I went looking for one, everything that had what it took seemed to be over a grand, with most being higher. I ended up spending about $1500 on one (that included a 3 year warranty).
    I've gotten good deals in the past buying from actual stores that have returns or loaners they want to sell. Might be worth checking into.
  • TheEvanM
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    Hey guys, I've been looking online for a while now to find a good laptop to run Hitfilm and I have been rather unsuccesful. I don't have a huge budget, I'm looking for something $650 or less. Can anyone help me out in any way? :)  Thanks!
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    Hello Everyone,
    I am looking for a video editing/VFX laptop that one can get for $1000 or less. Windows or Mac, operating system makes no difference to me. Just something that can run Hitfilm Ultimate to its fullest potential. I need it to be a laptop for its portability.
    P.S. are the system requirements for Express different than Ultimate?