Incorrect Level for Export

I am attempting to export a project, but I am unable to successfully export. To the right of my "Width", "Height", "Frame Rate", and "Level" drop-down menus are warning signs that when hovered over present the following dialogue:
"The H.264 Level is not compatible with the combination of WIdth, Height, and Frame rate."
I am currently unable to change the codec; H.264 is the only option in the "Codec" drop-down.
Is there a way to switch to a different codec that allows my settings?
Is there a resource containing the information on the limits to each codec?
My current video properties for the project are:
Codec: H.264
Width: 1280
Height: 720
Frame Rate: 25
Field Type: Progressive
Aspect Ratio: Square Pixels (1.0)
Color Depth: 24-bit (RGB)
Profile: High
Level: 1.3
Encoding: Variable bitrate, 1 pass
Target Bitrate: 0.064 Mbps
Max Bitrate: 0.064 Mbps
No audio is being exported. The project successfuly exports in.avi format, but I wish to export as an .mp4. I have been unable to find a combination of settings that will allow an export.


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