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Someone please help, I cant' figure this out and not sure if it can be done here.  I am an IT instructor and create training videos.  I want to be able to walk out on to the screen and the background is whatever the video happens to be on at that time, i.e., if an excel spreadsheet is displayed, then I want to be in front of it and nothing else but me and the spreadsheet showing.  I have no problem doing a green screen but then my background for the green screen shows up.  Is there a way to make the green screen background transparent?  I hope you all understand my explanation, it's difficult to put into words.  Thanks for any help given.
David Frazier


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  • No, that's not it.  I know how to do the green screen with a background.  What I need is for that background to be transparent. 

  • I attached a file to show you what I have and what I want to do.  The grey background is what I want to get rid of and just me standing in front of the graphic.  In the clip, I walk out from a spot on the page, not from off screen. 
    Hope this clarifies my question.
    David f
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    Basically, if you want the subject with a transparent background, then you just don't add a background after you remove the greenscreen.  The other important factor is that you need to export to a format that can support transparency.  Follow these steps:
    1. Add your greenscreen clip to the Editor timeline.
    2. Right-click on it, and Make Composite Shot.
    3. In the Composite shot, apply your key effect and adjust it to remove the green.
    4. Switch to the Export screen.  Select the Editor (not the composite) as the timeline to export.  If you select the Composite Shot timeline, the alpha info from the key won't be embedded.
    5. Select AVI as the format to export to. The .mp4 format cannot store transparency info.
    6. In the Color Depth menu, select 32-bit (RGBA) The A stands for alpha channel, which is where the transparency data is stored, and is essential for exporting a transparent background.
    7. Export.
    That should do it.
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    If your camera was locked down on a tripod i.e. not moving or zooming at all, and if you have at least one frame of the scene showing only the background, then you can use a technique called Difference Masking to create a transparent background behind the foreground subject.
    Here is an article on this topic:
  • I think I am too late to post this but I am sure this will help others who seek help with transparency issue. If it's a video or a logo that you would like to make transparent then all you need to do is just go to the "Control" then click on "Transform" and then select "Opacity" and there you go. I hope others will be find this useful too.

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     Guys, this thread is really old. Here is the updated one:

    If you want to remove the black background of a png, search up "Demult" from the effects panel and paste it in.

    If you want to remove the black background from a movie.
    Click here to watch a tutorial: