Debut Feature : Production Thread

Evening one and all,
Clay and I are coming to the end of writing our first feature film. We started writing November last year and the script and story has really come into it's own. We are very happy with how it has come together. At this time I can't put a synopsis or any other information up, but I wanted to announce the start of our journey in getting this production off the ground.
We have had some great feedback on our previous films and now we're getting some support with this one from well respected industry folk, who are savvy enough, and are generous enough to spare their time guiding us to craft the best story possible. This is very exciting and encouraging as it signifies we are doing something right. It's a real boost believe me, when anything creative is a process of self doubt, and then elation.
Anyway, enough chat, back to work. We will be posting updates throughout the year and perhaps some storyboards/pre-production notes.
But that will all depend on finance. And if we fall, we'll be sure to fill you in on the journey - no matter how it turns out.
Every best wish,
Ash & Clay


  • AxelWilkinson
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    That's fantastic news, Ash!  Really exciting to hear you guys are making headway, and I hope everything continues progressing for you. I look forward to the time when you can release more info about the project.
  • DanielGWood
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    Sounds interesting, looking forward to hearing more!
  • Hi all,
    So it's official! The script is finished, just off for proof reading and then it will do the rounds for feedback. After, if needs be, we'll make amendments before shipping it off to some of our chums who maybe in a position to get this some momentum with funding.
    'Heading South' starts here.
  • Well, after much re-writing after initial feedback, from March, we completed our final draft over a week ago! We fired it out to our industry chums who write for a living, and have had very positive feedback. Turns out we can write!
    "Heading South is extremely well-written, and I read a lot of stuff… It's mature, tight, engaging, dialog is stellar, characters have a life of their own. I really enjoyed it and had to read it in one go, which actually made me late for a meeting. It’s simple: it has no flaws in structure or style, apart from not being very commercial. But that’s a flaw in a way."

    While fantastic, the conclusion is It might need to be a more commercial to get financiers interested.
    Too 'arty' was the final response - which might make the process of raising the money difficult, but when has it ever been easy!
    We've been directed to indie producers and now are collating a list. We're also in the process of drafting another script which is more commercial in the thriller vein. 
    We'll be firing our 'Heading South' draft for indie finance in the the new year. The production blog will continue should that seed move in to fruition. Time will tell!
  • KirstieT
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    Congratulations on having such great feedback from your industry chums :) 
    I think possibly every indie film has been told it was too 'arty' at any one time - but it sounds like you have it in hand if you're writing an alternative script in the thriller vein. 
    Best of luck!