Steam-punk Pinnocchio

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Hey guys I am working on a new short film with a Steam-Punk theme to it. Its about the book Pinocchio, or should I say a prequel to the book. It's about the two characters Fox, and Geppetto. Geppetto and Fox have had a long history together. and have been enemies the whole time. When I read parts of the book I realized how strange the story was so my brother and I started this steam-punk ara film project.  I am currently building a set for the movie which will make a big deference in the out come of my film. I am not sure when it will be released but I hope it will be soon! let as many people as you can!
I would really like to hear what you guys think of the new idea! please feel free to tell me your opinions and give some suggestions. The score that is attached to this topic is completely original so enjoy!!!
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