New Space Invaders Video

This was what I did over our spring break, not the greatest just trying out some new things including 3D tracking.  Some of the effects aren't the greatest like ground explosion.  I am going to try and start releasing a video every other week even if some of them have to be tutorials, to get myself better at vfx as well as film making.  Please leave comments about the video and how to improve, i am open to all constructive criticism.


  • Virchow
    Virchow Posts: 13
    Fun premise. Nice camera angles. If you're putting out one of these things a week, maybe try this technique and see if it works with your sense of movement/action in your next action piece:

    No single shot over 3 seconds. Break up all footage into less than 3 sec clips/angles, even if dialogue trails into the next angle or scene.

    The music fit the pace and content, but the high level of background white noise was a bit distracting.

    Overall great initial effort on your high content journey.
  • SimonKJones
    SimonKJones Posts: 4,370 Enthusiast
    I'd suggest being tighter with your editing. The premise here is great, and a tighter cut would help in all areas - pacing, excitement, VFX, action.
    You perhaps also over-complicated your shoot by including the car sequence. You could have simplified the overall structure by having the guy stay at the house, making it a siege-type affair with him fighting off the aliens.
    Definitely a fun idea, and one I'd like to see explored more. For example, it'd be great to see rows and rows of the aliens descending out of the sky, like in the game.
    Looking forward to your next vid!
  • Thank you both for your advise.  The reason behind the car sequence was to see new angles and different sequences that we could pull off and hopefully get better at later down the road.  We do intend on making another video to go along with this one, which is why we left if off like we did.  Its hard to for us to make videos on a regular schedule because we are both in our first year of college so time wise its hard, but we intend on changing that to get better at film making because it is a hobby that we both have and may look forward to in the future.  So once again thank you for your advise it helps very much on our content creating journey.