A Competition For Composers and Some Filmic Feedback

Good day all,
A friend of mine, Adam Greves, recently was commissioned to make a short silent film about community in Waterloo (a district in London) by the Waterloo Festival. The festival organisers have set up a competition to find young (under 35) musicians to score the film.
There are two categories, classical and electronic, and the winner of each will receive £500 and their score performed live as the film is projected at the festival. The winner of the classical category will be able to workshop their composition with a professional clarinet quintet from the Southbank Sinfonia Orchestra.
I know HitFilm is teeming with aspiring musicians who might be interested in entering, and my friend (who is signing up to the community imminently) would also love some feedback on the film itself. 
Further details on how to enter are in the vimeo description. For those who are technically minded, the film was shot on a RED EPIC with Zeiss Primes. 
Any comments are welcome and my friend will be joining the discussion soon. He didn't want to be one of those guys that just posts competitions without any prior community engagement, so he got me to do it instead.  :D 
All abuse can be directed personally to @agreves
Thanks all,
Adam (& Adam) 


  • StormyKnight
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    Too bad there's an age limit.
  • Har
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    Too bad there's an age limit.


  • Greves
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    Thanks very much for having a look.
    In all seriousness, the age bracket (of which I'm very close to top of) did cause some debate around the table - and I should point out here that competition rules are very much the festival's jurisdiction; I just made the film!
    I got quite a lot of flack about this when I posted the film on Reddit - why not just pay someone whose portfolio you like and is good rather than wasting most entrants' time? etc. - but I think the festival made the right decision. It was a community film and the aim was to give a bit of cash and some exposure to young musicians who are still to find their way so to speak. The primary target audience is those attending music schools, colleges, and university departments around the UK.
  • StormyKnight
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    That's cool. Rules are rules.