Jagged shadows on 3D models

Greetings all!
Having a bit of an issue with an imported 3D model and was hoping someone may have some insight.
The model is a Lightwave .lwo format.  It imports just fine, surfaces and everything, but when I turn on casting shadows and move in for a closeup, the shadows are incredibly jagged, almost like they're rendering off of broken polygons (see attached image).
If I were in a standard 3D package my first inclination would be to turn up the samples of the shadow map, but I don't see that functionality in HitFilm.  On further inspection though, it almost seems like there might be something wrong with the model, but I'm not sure what.  UV mapping?  Normals?  I've tired playing around with both, to no effect.
Is there something I'm missing, or is this simply a limitation of the HitFilm render engine and I can't pull in for super-tight shots?
No worries either way but I wanted to ping the big brains to see if there might be something I overlooked.


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    In the light controls on each light is a "shadow diffusion" slider. In will soften the shadows, but, be warned, its uses a lot of power. It will slow down your real-time playback and increase your render time. So, I only turn it on when Im ready to do my final renders. Also, turning on the motion blur for models will soften their shadows (if their moving).