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I see the Blender Foundation has recently made the original 4K footage from their movie 'Tears of Steel' freely available as a download under a creative commons license.  So if you've ever wanted to try making VFX composited together with high quality 4K camera footage (from a Sony F65) this is it.  It's a more expensive camera than most of us can afford to play with and there's 4TB of data available to download in OpenEXR format.  They're cool with it being used for demos, showcases, tutorials, etc.


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    ESPictures Website User Posts: 533 Just Starting Out
    I downloaded a bit of the footage.  HF doesn't load .exr files, so I converted it to .png (lossless) and then it loaded in HF fine.  I added a background 4K image that I had already rendered in luxrender.  Doesn't fit the footage really, but I used it anyway.
    Doesn't look too bad when it's all composited together.

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