3d Models and a floor plane

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So, I am trying to stick some 3d models to a floor plane. I made a plane and turned it 90 degrees then added the models. I have the y setting for the plane and model set to zero. Also the plane layer is below the 3d models layer. The models are in the same 3d space. Yet when I move the camera around there is some "floating" happening where the plane moves at a different rate then the models. As though the models were not actually sitting on the plane. I want to have the camera moving and this problem gives away the illusion. 


  • AxelWilkinson
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    If they are both set to 0, then likely the floor plane is running through the exact enter of the models, rather than being below them.  By default 0 is at the center of the layer, in all three directions, so you'll probably need to raise the models along the Y axis until they are above the floor.  Use a side or front view in the viewer to get the placement correct.
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    NullUnit Posts: 791 Just Starting Out
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    Ah, I see. I'll try that out now. Thanks for the quick reply!
    Awesome, it looks great!
    Is it possible to make an infinite plane?