Sista Dansen - Docu about retired dancers (PICS!)

Hey everyone! It's been a while :) Have been missing hanging out here, but keep on coming back and checking out the forums, fantastic to see all the inspiring work both from the HitFilm crew as well as all the talented members of the community! It's been over 10 years since I joined the community back in the good ol' days of AlamDV2...
Just thought I'd post some pictures from a Swedish feature documentary I shot last summer titled "Sista Dansen" - roughly "The Last Dance". The film focuses on a 40 year old dancer, Monica, who is at the brink of retirement and is about to do her last big show. Interspersed with her main story we followed 3 other dancers (roughly in their 60s - 70s) to see how they had coped with retirement - depression, enlightenment, becoming dance teachers. Me and Engeli Broberg (who directed the film) were very privileged to be able to invite these old dancers to do one last show for us, 30 years after their retirement. The film is not only a story about and for dancers, we feel that the main themes can be of interest to people in other parts of their life with wildly different interests and professions. At the core it's a story about aging, change, and fear of change. (Sorry for the slightly pretentious sales-pitch...)  8-| 
Currently I'm working on a TV Series called "The Bridge" - we just passed production day #100 with about 40 to go... Hope to be able to show you some footage from that really soon... :-)
Below are some pictures from the documentary which is set to (hopefully...) be distributed on TV in Sweden in Late 2013. Would love to post some footage very soon, but would really like any feedback and/or constructive criticism (even if it may be slightly difficult to form an opinion just based on these images..). But still!
It was shot partly on a Red Epic-X using Red Zooms (18mm-50mm as well as a 50mm-150mm), and more recently on the Arri Alexa.
Hope you're all doing great, hope to be able to plan a trip to the UK soon and come to Norwich! Possibly this upcoming summer...
Take care everyone, best regards
Nils "Redhawksrymmer" Croné


  • spydurhank
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    Amazing pics. Great to see you on the forums.  :) 
  • RossTrowbridge
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    It looks very interesting. Keep us updated on when it makes it to television. My sister-in-law is a former ballet dancer who married a Swede and lives in Malmo. She would love to see it.
  • DanielMorgan
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    Looks rather beautiful I must say, I'm working on red soon so this is making me really excited about it :D 
  • SimonKJones
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    Great subject and the stills look lovely. I really like the whimsical, slightly dreamy feel you've got with the bloom from the windows. Seems to match up with the subject matter nicely.
    Is there any chance of people outside Sweden being able to see the doc?
    Also excellent to see you back on the forums! If you swing by the UK definitely give us a shout!
  • MatthiasClaflin
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    Awesome to see you back on the forums!
    Also looks like great work. I will mimic Simon's sentements, and say that I think the dreamy/whimsical feel given off in many of these shots does seem to fit the subject matter nicely. Very beautiful imagery.
    I'm curious, what did you do on set? You said that Engeli Broberg directed the film, so what was your part or parts? Anyway, fantastic looking stuff! Hope to see more from this and from "The Bridge" soon!