Fake blood, slime and sludge - recipe.

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Hey guys!
I want this to be like a recipe list for fake blood, slime, sludge and all that stuff.
I don't have any GOOD recipe for blood, but if anyone have one then please share, i need it. 8-|
But i have a really good recipe for:
Fake slime (Super easy)
You'll need
1. Coconut
2. an axe / hammer
3. Good time
Take the coconut and lay it somewhere cold (not super-cold but like in the basement/garage or something like that)
Then you just wait for at least 3 months (not kidding).
As most people know, coconut have milk inside, so after 3 months the coconut milk have turned into a like sperm looking slime. It could be really handy for some movies :D
The reason why you don't want to do this with normal cow milk is because the milk bottle (if its cardboard bottle) will most likely explode after like 2 moths. I have tried this myself, and it was not fun. Also Cowmilk STINKS after like 2 weeks out of the fridge. Also, cow milk seems to kinda separate itself into something strange on the bottom of the bottle and water on top.
So therefor use a coconut. Its compact (will not explode due to pressure) and the slime doesn't stink (as much as cow milk).
Its cheap, EASY and makes super good film slime.
So if your a filmmaker, well then have some coconuts laying around in the basement, you'll never know when you'll need it :D


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    I imagine it would be quite stinky too!
    For fake blood we've used a combination of cornflour, water and red colouring (ratios and heat will change consistency) and ... my favourite.... STRAWBERRY TOPPING!
    Done a couple os zombie films with my classes and the topping is both delicious and chunky. Nice and viscous for good ooze
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