Adding a third dimension to 2D tracking

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Hi everyone,
I did a forum search and found nothing about this, so here is my question. I have 2d tracked a point in my footage and now I want to have some 3d added to the tracking. I was manually moddifying the value of Z for each key frame, but maybe there is a better way of doing this.
I guess mocha is the answer, but if there were an automated way of modifying the key frames it would be great. For example, I have a 2d track with 10 keyframes. In the first keyframe I put z=0 and in the tenth keyframe z=20, what I would like is Hitfilm to automatically replace the 0 value that is the default in each keyframe such as keyframe 1, z=2, keyframe 2, z = 4 and so on.
Is there a way of doing this already that I am missing.
Also, kind of off topic, but if there's none yet (I may have missed it) I would love a tutorial that shows the different effects of using parenting for a particle generator, or applying the track to the generator, or, most importantly, attaching the shape to a layer (which took me quite a while to find and was what I needed).
See you around!


  • Robin
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    What you describe you want sounds like exactly what HitFilm should be doing by interpolating... If you have a keyframe at frame 1 set to 0 and one at frame 10 with the value 20, all values on the frames between should be interpolated, so at frame 5 the value should be 10. That's what keyframes are for, after all. Or am I misunderstanding what you are trying to do?
    And well yes, if you want to automatically track the 3rd dimension you will have to try mocha or another 3D tracker.
  • AxelWilkinson
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    Create a 3D point, and apply the tracking data to the point. Then, parent your 3D layer to the point. It now has all the tracking data applied to it, but with no keyframes on the actual 3D layer, so you can animate it however you want to, relative to the tracking.