VFX Help: Glitch Effect

Right now I'm currently working on a Slender Man series similar to MarbleHornets or TribeTwelve, which will be in the found footage format. A part of the mythos of this creature is that it messes up technology, including cameras, so I've been testing out how I can glitch out videos. I was able to mess up a lot of the audio, and for the video I used a bunch of different effects like jitter, stutter, noise, grain, and displacement.
I rendered out a test, and it looks pretty good, but I think it gets sort of boring since its the same changes to the video each time. I feel like this effect can become better and more interesting if I add other slight touches to constantly make it scary, like static or flashing images, to increase the authenticity. Does anyone have any advice on how to do this?
You can check out my test here.


  • AxelWilkinson
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    The assortment of effects in the Grunge folder of Hitfilm should give you a pretty wide range of options. Between Film Damage, TV damage, Shake, Stutter, Scan Lines, Grain, etc. there are lots of options. Then maybe play with Channel Blur and Channel Time Shift, from the Channel folder, and Echo, Motion Trails, and Time Displacement from the Temporal folder.