Earn Money - Teach Me How to do a few things in Hit Film

Eileen Durfee
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I need someone who can do a join.me or a gotomeeing and show me some things in HitFilm. I need to hire a tutor. I am too busy to go through all the forum or how to video's to learn how to add an intro and ending to my YouTube videos. Like: slide a picture, scrolling text, rolling text, fading. I can get the video in, match with audio, insert pictures and put on YouTube, but want things more refined.
Basically I want to tell you what I want done and I will watch you do it on my screen. You can go to YouTube.com and search for Eileen Durfee. So far those are my videos and I hired people to help me. I now have the camera equipment, lights and back drops and I need to do a ton of teaching videos and want to add intro, text, pictures and ending. Very simple yet I'm scratching my head.
Thanks...........Eileen [MOD: phone and email removed to protect poster's privacy, please contact Eileen by private message if you are interested]


  • SimonKJones
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    Unfortunately we don't have time for personalised, one-on-one training at the moment, but hopefully you'll get some other interested parties who can help you out!
    We're also looking into providing some live training through Google Hangouts in the future, though this will be public rather than one-on-one.
    I've edited your post to remove your phone number and email address, so that they can't be intercepted by any spammers.
  • What video would you suggest so I can learn how to roll or fade in text, and slide pictures?
  • AxelWilkinson
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    I'd recommend this video on Keyframing first of all:

    Any time you are animating, or changing properties of a layer or object over time, it involves creating keyframes, so that is a good starting point. As far as text-specific stuff, i recently did this video on creating templates which involves some of the very things you mention:

    I hope those help!
  • SimonKJones
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  • Thanks, I will watch the recommended videos first.
  • BeyondReach
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    Yep, I will agree that those same videos are what helped me in getting an understanding on how HitFilm works. So now I just open up HF2U and explore. Whatever works with what I am trying to do...I write it down. Whatever doesn't, I go and try something else until it does work.
    thanks Axel and Simon, for the hard work you do on tutorial vids to make sure us aspiring movie makers start off on the right foot.