New Chroma Key vs. Greenscreen Key Ultimate preset

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Hello folks, I recent shot a number of speakers on green screen for a client to use. I'd used the Greenscreen Key Ultimate preset, and only had to tweak the Smooth and Feather a little bit in the Matte Cleaner and it looked great (much easier than previous programs I've used).
After seeing todays tutorial on the new to HF2 Chroma Key, I decided to play with it, but I can't seem to find the equivalent of Smooth and Feather :(
Despot Background seems to be the closest thing, and seems to behave as a mixture of smooth and feather, but I don't seem to have the same control to fine tune the edge.
What am I missing?
I do like some of the other controls for tweaking the matte. The Status view is great.
It does seem odd that the Matte->Softness and Matte->Erode/Expand adjust along the edges of any masks - not sure how these could be used if you use a mask as a garbage matte.


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    rgbii Posts: 965 Just Starting Out
    Ok, since the new Chroma Key has built-in spill remover, I assumed it also had built-in Matte Cleaner, but maybe it doesn't. I can drop the Matte Cleaner after it and clean up as before.
    One thing I do find odd about the new Chroma Key is it's interaction with masks. If I drop a Chroma UV Blur before it, it not only effects the edges of the subject, but also leaves a line at the edge of any masks, similar to the above mentioned Softness and Erode/Exand. This doesn't happen with Color Difference Key. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong, if it's a bug or what.