Army of Two fan film!

Cam Ward
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What do you think about my new Army of Two fan film? If you don't already know Army of Two is a video game.
Would like to hear some feedback:)


  • Virchow
    Virchow Posts: 13
    I think your effects are coming along nicely. Looking at your priors compared to now, your gunfight animations, and specifically your blood splatters are more crisp and you're doing more with less, but the most noticeable improvement is in the flow of your shots with your action sequences. Your shots aren't drawn out and overdone and they don't feel too rushed relative to your pace. You have found your flow.
    If I had to get super nit picky, I might point to a little hitch in the gun dump/pistol pull and look a little at the explosion at the end. The lighting temp on the explosion, the lack of blur on the fragments, and maybe a touch more light spill around your characters.
    But to be honest, it's still one of the very best Army of Two fan shorts I've seen.
  • Cam Ward
    Cam Ward Posts: 11
    Thanks for the feedback! Really detailed and has helped a lot, much appreciated!