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So Wonder Woman has had some trouble getting anything made lately... not a TV show, not a movie... hell she has only had 1 DC animated movie. A fan posted a trailer for their version of a wonder woman movie trailer that was pretty bad ass


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    Well, they are doing a Justice League movie next after Man of Steel and I don't see that happening without Wonder Woman in it. I was actually just thinking earlier about who to cast after watching Variant's casting choices. I'm definitely going with MEW: http://www.imdb.com/media/rm1938064640/nm0935541
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    They are only going to green light a JLA movie if Man of Steel does well. which would be like marvel doing an avengers movie after Hulk or Iron Man
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    And they keep canceling related content... Young Justice on Cartoon network....
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    Leaping straight into Justice League after Superman would likely be a pretty huge error. The only reason mainstream audiences accepted The Avengers is that Marvel took their time to build up to it. Given that DC characters are far campier and sillier than Marvel characters (to people that aren't familiar with them, I mean), other than Batman and maybe Superman, they've got an even tougher job of selling the concept.
    This Wonder Woman fanfilm was quite cool. Definitely very nicely produced. The WW2 setting was a bit unexpected but gave it an interesting feel.
    I wasn't sure about the action...it was very Snydery, but mostly seemed to involve people falling over and Wonder Woman rolling about on the floor. There wasn't much sense of actual connection. The Nazi bunker was really well done, though.
    One thing this video did highlight is that it's really hard to make Wonder Woman's costume look anything other than utterly ridiculous. Juxtaposed against Nazis it was even more daft.
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    One thing this video did highlight is that it's really hard to make Wonder Woman's costume look anything other than utterly ridiculous. Juxtaposed against Nazis it was even more daft.
    This was my main takeaway from that short. I imagine the thought process behind writing it was something like, "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if..." I'm surprised there were no dinosaurs.
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    Other than the fighting being a bit non-contacty, I've realised that pretty much all my problems with this film are to do with the Wonder Woman concept in general, rather than the execution of the film itself.
    With an original character in a less daft outfit doing basically exactly the same stuff, it'd be awesome. Hell, you could even take a Generic Highly Trained Military Woman (like Johansson in Avengers, to take a super obvious example) and it'd work better.
    Basically, I blame DC, not the filmmakers.
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    I think the biggest issue was the costume. I just don't see it working in a film of any kind. I don't mind the concept of Wonder Woman, but the costume just looks ridiculous, especially in a WWII setting.
    The overall execution of the mock trailer was very good. High production quality. Solid locations, good-enough acting, great costumes (other than wonder woman), and fairly decent action. The Wonder Woman costume just detracts so much from it that I couldn't quite enjoy it...
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    Wonder Woman fighting Nazis is a throw back to the era of the Nazis where you had your heros deal with that. I am a fan of some of the comics and animated DC movies where its still set in the 1940s.
    Going straight to JLA from superman if superman does well is what the rumor is. I usually get my media news on stuff like that from ign.com.
    The strength was greatly downplayed but you do get a sense that she is stronger then her opponents and the most Wonder Womany thing was deflecting bullets from the plane. They shoulda kept it real and had her in a invisible jet.
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    They are redoing superman's costume for Man of Steel and there's no reason to think that they wouldn't update Wonder Woman's costume at the same time. There hasn't been any WW on TV or in films since Lynda Carter, so there's plenty of leeway to do so. And I find the Wonder Woman mythology less bothersome than the Thor back story and Thor didn't drag Avengers down.
    I also think it's a big gamble to jump into a JLA movie immediately after Man of Steel. Even assuming that they get Superman right this time around, which I think there is reason to think that they will, the only other 'anchor' movie for it is Green Lantern which flopped on the writing. And Batman, which had a great trilogy, but they may not choose to incorporate that trilogy into a JLA movie.
    I'd say assuming Man of Steel is what everyone hopes it will be, the odds are about 50/50 on a JLA movie. A lot will depend on who they get to write and direct. Marvel scored a win getting Joss Whedon in for Avengers. Christopher Nolan/Zak Snyder could be the DC comics dream team to do it.
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    You do not need an anchor movie now that Avengers is out. People as a whole are stupid. They will go see JLA because its DC's avengers and avengers was bad ass. Im sorry Superman and Batman alone could probably do just as well together in a movie as the whole JLA movie at this point. Marvel had movies that functioned as an anchor because it provided proof of concept. You get movies like X Men which was not really good didn't come close to the same gang busters that Batman or Avengers did. Avengers would not have been able to pull this off after Iron man or the hulk... All the comic movies before hand had limited appeal unfortunately. The first hulk movie sucked... though I liked the jumping. Ed Nortons Hulk movie was really good and didn't do amazing in the box office. Heck it was the concept of all these independent franchises coming together that really did well. X men has always been about the team, and a couple people on that team have gotten their own story from it. The reason I know a JLA movie would work straight from Superman is based on being able to cut out a lot of the filler. Look at the avengers movie and the break down of on screen time that each character got. Iron man and captain America got the most. You would switch away from Tony Stark being the same character to another interesting character like Bruce Banner/The Hulk. So I guess the writing would really say how well movie will do. Avoid doing a coming together story and just have an established story. I would love to see Batman and Superman dynamic, or John Stewarts green lantern and the flash. Also, wonder woman interacting with everyone would be interesting.
    I do not think revamped costumes are needed. The source material is good enough that tweeking it amounts to reinventing the wheel. X Men the first class maintained many of the original concepts which they easily could have replaced. The Blue and Yellow outfits... even banshee's wings. In Iron Man they didn't try to reinvent the costumes for iron man. The new hulk movie and the avengers hulk didn't have hulk grow freakishly as he got stronger. Everyone just thinks a modification is needed because they compare it to batman. A justice league movie needs to be a direct rip off of the comics. Batman needs to be able to leap through the air and be very spider man esque in that sense. Also his gadgets need to be a little more amazing and does not have to be as realistic. HIs outfit should be cloth to add to his agility(it can still be a light weight composite armor fabric). I know people are going to be married to the dark knight but that version cannot exist with Superman running around. Batman needs to be the great detective who is always planning for worst case scenario.
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    Interesting points. I've read and enjoyed a fair few WW comics. I like the actual character. It's some of the 'branding' that has never quite worked for me.
    I think my problem with the WW costume is that it looks like a cheerleading outfit. There's no easy getting around that.
    As for the Thor/WW comparison - that's a good one. Before Thor was released I couldn't imagine how on Earth they were going to fit that character into the 'advanced science' universe established in Iron Man and Incredible Hulk. But they found a way - a rather graceful way in fact. So they could definitely do the same with WW.
    The only problem I see is that Thor is based on Norse mythology, which gives him resonance, and has a cool name.
    Wonder Woman is called "Wonder Woman". I'm not sure how you can fix that. :) Super Man is a daft name if split in two (sounds super camp!), but at least by making it a single word it has become its own thing. Plus the concept of 'the superman' has been around for ages, albeit in different forms.
    But why is it 'wonder' woman? It's because it begins with the letter W, isn't it? There's genuinely no other reason. It'd be like Superman instead being called Mighty Man.
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    I always looked at the outfit as being more like an early 20th century swimsuit. If they redo it for the movie, I would imagine them giving her a more full length super suit to match what the others are wearing. Part of making the JLA a team would be to make them look more like a team.
    Something more like this.
    I thought Thor / Wonder Woman are good comparisons though, because they both tie their back story into mythology. Thor being Norse, and WW being an Amazon princess given her powers by the ancient Greek deities.
    I never liked the consonance in her name either, but I don't really see any way around it other than to not use it and just call her Diana through the whole movie.
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    I think that if they want to make a successful JLA movie, they definitely need to give it more to stand on than just Synder's Superman. Honestly, Nolan's Batman universe would never fit into a JLA movie. I can't imagine Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash or Green Lantern in that universe at all. The world created in Batman Begins was far too gritty and realistic to contain any of the other heroes, in my opinion.
    I don't personally think that a JLA movie can stand on the Superman movie alone. I think that after they butchered GL, they need to either A) redo it or B) Use someone other than the Hal Jordan GL. I personally prefer Hal over the others but to include him would be box office suicide. Even with a new actor, connecting to the GL movie at all just seems like a horrendous idea. I would like to see them make a stand alone WW movie first as well, because I'm not entirely convinced they can make her work on screen, and until I am, there is no way I'd go to the theater for a JLA movie. I think if they want to copy the success of Marvel's Avengers (which I didn't even like), they need to work from the ground up. Anything else makes them look too desperate.
    And for goodness sakes change the costumes. I can see the new Superman costume, and the Green Lantern costume working, but the others, eh. I don't know. I don't like the idea of Batman in a cloth/spandex suit either. Not if it is set in modern day. But eh, maybe.
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    Women have always had weird outfits... Look at women's volleyball or tennis. The outfits aren't practical. Wonder Woman would start in a toga and eventually transition into her outfit. All comic book heroes have sillyish costumes if you stop to consider them too long. I mean spider man being in skin tight colorful spandex and batman making a high tech suit that does not stop bullets to the mouth or eye area is kinda silly. We do not question them because they are iconic and wonder woman is no where near their level of fame.
    A more realistic spider man
    People would mess themselves if you altered Spiderman's uniform to something too crazy. We are only having this discussion because wonder woman is no where near as popular as Superman.
    The Green Lantern movie was butchered because they didn't try to put real effort. They did another quick comic conversion. They took some GL elements and did their own thing instead of being more faithful to the source. Then there was some overly cheesy things and the uniform SUCKED. GL coulda been visually stunning if done like thor where Oa was impressively beautiful and the constructs had some depth to them. It was Ryan Renolds as Green Lantern... not green lantern. A new GL does not need to be connected. Look at The Amazing Spider Man. I think it was a step up with action and a better told story. The first spider man movie had some good points but its in the era of X men where its different then the current comic movies.
    You don't have to believe that it would work, but I have a question for you. Would you pay to see it? if the answer is most likely yes then it would work.
    If you didn't like Avengers then its easy to doubt all this and you may have doubted Avengers too. As a fan of the Avengers movie if they do something similar visually with a half decent story I would go see it. Each Marvel movie had a different visual style that was specific to the character. Iron Man didn't get the same visually impressive amount of detail that he had in his movies. The Hulk (to me) looked better in the incredible hulk where they had the detail in every muscle. They found a decent middle ground that worked for each character. JLA would need superman in a normal cloth outfit.
    They try to cheat the muscles and make a rubber costume that gives the actor definition. but there is nothing impressive about that. Superman should look like
    So it would make him look visually impressive and then having him do crazy feats of strength would have you floored.
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    I actually think that Batman's costume does make a bit of sense. When is the last time you heard of someone getting shot in the eye or mouth? Military uniforms don't have full face masks, they have helmets to cover the top of the head. That's it. I don't see the eye/mouth regions really being all that unpractical. It makes it easier for him to speak and to see. Seems practical enough to me. I like the way they did the TDK suit, where it was a much less armored suit and a more flexible one. It still had armor, but it was more believably flexible.
    As far as Spider-Man's suit goes, I think that it works as well. A skin tight suit makes sense to me because he needs to be able to move freely and at will. The suit should be an extension of his skin, not something that would hinder it. He has his spidey sense, so his suit doesn't need to be bullet proof, and depending on the adaptation you use, he deson't necessarily even need webshooters. I really liked the costume from The Amazing Spider-Man.
    As for a JLA movie, if they put one out immediately after the Man of Steel movie, I would have to be very impressed by a trailer in order to pay to see it. I have been fairly impressed with what I have seen from the Man Of Steel movie so far, but that isn't enough. I need to see that they can really pull off all the characters into one believable world. I thought Avengers could when I first heard about it, but other than VFX, for me it fell flat in every way. That is a topic for a different time however, (one that I know I'm definitely in the minority on.)
    When it comes to a superman costume, I would really like to see this from a JLA movie. I don't think this costume underrates the muscles at all. It seems to have good muscle definition in the places it needs it, as well as having a more believable image. Similar to how you didn't see Captian America in a traditional outfit for very long because it just isn't believable on the battlefield.
    I think they should mondernize all the costumes in this way. If you don't, putting them in a modern world just makes them look ridiculous. I would love to see a Batman movie set in the 1940s where Batman wears a black/grey body suit and plays detective like he used to. I don't think that will ever happen, (but with how well Captain America was recieved, maybe it will someday). My point is that I think all the JLA members costumes are dated and need a makeover of some sort to make them work in a modern day world setting.
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    A Justice League movie won't and can't be made, presently- and Warner Bros. is too regal and caring of a company just to jump into something hastily. They work at the slow-burn style of creation with their franchise-building (as evidenced in 75 years of movies, The Matrix Trilogy recently, 10 years of Harry Potter recently, The Hobbit Trilogy, and The Dark Knight Trilogy)- and although, in many people's minds, The Avengers set a precedent:
    The fact of the matter is, eventually, the steam will run out on Marvel because of how fast and loose they play with their movies, the low level of quality in some aspects of them, and again- quite frankly- the fact that Kevin Feige is an inept studio executive and Marvel isn't really a picturehouse. It's a phenomenal comic book and media company that's trying to be a major studio only making superhero movies.
    Warner Bros. ain't, though- and when they take gambles, they're on talent, directors, and vision- not on franchise ideas or brands. Has no one else heard about the big shakeup behind WB recently? With the rejection of the final draft script for Justice League entirely. The Avengers didn't set the precedent that you can just make a team-up movie willy nilly. Not at all. (And even with their 5-movie setup, much of The Avengers was still utterly silly and unbelievably-plotted.)
    WB tried to put something together, though word is they've realized that's somewhat short-sighted. To them- the lasting quality, the better movies, and money- most importantly- is in creating monster-success trilogy franchises like The Dark Knight over and over again, not building into a single billion-dollar team-up movie. Why do that when they can make 10 franchise trilogies that each gross 2-3 billion each?
    That's the current idea behind Man of Steel's success. It's weighing whether they can build into another set of movies, and continue with other properties to create a 10-15 movie structure out of several brands (like Sherlock Holmes, The Matrix, and Dark Knight)- or whether they need to embrace a several-film-structure franchise at this stage and go in for the long-call release. (like the decade of HP)
    I've said it several times, and I'll continue it here. WB doesn't make mistakes like others. They care about quality and take gambles on talent, and put money- from a core stage, at least- second to vision in their big movies. That's why people revere them the most. That's why they make the most movies. That's why they're the biggest and most-well-known studio. But, more than anything, that's why they make more money than anyone else.
    Because people want good stuff more than anything else, and would rather wait for the big score than the short relief. That's why we won't have a JLA movie soon. That's why we might not have one at all. That's why they stopped casting calls and scrapped the final script entirely.
    Honestly, has no one else been paying attention to this at all?
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    @Matthias if someone is firing an automatic weapon then yea I can see random bullets going places. The Batman armor worked well for the realism but I feel that is not what we should expect from a movie that would be inherently unrealistic. Looking at the Superman outfit I think its more of the same plastic giving off muscle definition. The suit has abs. Spiderman does not need to be super skin tight and has had many alternative costumes which weren't. When you are super strong/fast its less of an issue. Spiderman has fought as peter parker in street cloths with no adverse effect in performance..
    Scarlet Spiderman
    Armor Spiderman
    @Andrew I don't know why you regard Warner Brothers as regal and caring. Let me remind you of some turds they fired off below this. The series that you mention are other peoples visions which they enabled and funded... How much input did warner brothers have over those series? Also, studios reject scripts all the time and its a shame that they are the compelling force behind their movie instead of a director. Lets look at the best marvel movies... Marvel and the Director had the most amount of say in Avengers, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, The Amazing Spiderman, X men the first class. Any comic book movie is really unbelievable. Everyone needs to get comfortable with the idea of Justice League depending on Man of Steel. You can read these reports any where from reliable sources and I've included some info below.

    Green Lantern, Catwoman, Superman Returns, Steel, Lethal Weapon 4, WIld Wild West, Showtime, eight legged freaks, the dukes of hazzard, 10,000 BC, Ninja Assassin, Jonah Hex, Catagion, Wrath of the TItans, and Cloud Atlas
    <iframe src="http://widgets.ign.com/video/embed/content.html?url=http://www.ign.com/videos/2012/12/13/news-justice-league-movie-plot-details-leaked&quot; width="468" height="263" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    The Spiderman and X-Men films aren't Marvel movies. They're Sony and Fox movies, respectively.
    Secondly- you mention a lot of 20-40 million-dollar middle-of-the-road, early-spring/early-fall releases, and not the gigantic blockbusters. Eight Legged Freaks? Showtimes? The 1994 movie Steel? Out of all you pick those to mention?
    I mention them because, good or bad, they take gambles and stand behind their talent before they do their brands- which, to me, is a marker of good business in filmmaking. Green Lantern was a terrible movie, and there was very little to save it- but hey, who could've known? In my mind, WB did everything right they could. They hired Martin Campbell, hot off of directing and massively rebooting Bond with Casino Royale, they gave him carte blanche with the film to do whatever he wanted- and didn't force-feed him connections or requirements to other films the way, say, Sony or Fox or Disney might. The film was bad, but it was a movie that was Campbell's vision.
    As for the others you mention- hey, there are tons of bad movies out there, that isn't my point. My point is- the strongest and most-profitable franchises, largely, have come from WB the past several years. And that's because they know what they're doing. I really don't need to say it any other way. The Matrix Trilogy, The Harry Potter Series, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Lord of The Rings Trilogy. The Hobbit and Sherlock Holmes, looking into the future. That's comprised their primary profits the past decade and a half. Those are all well-calculated, high-quality series.
    WB doesn't want to run into something over-convoluted or cemented in a single brand entity that has the potential to fail and will be to the detriment of quality of a film. Maybe I'm giving them too much credit- I just don't see it happening. They care. They care about their creators and movies. That's why even when Zack Snyder makes Sucker Punch, or The Wachowskis make Speed Racer- and sink $200 million away- WB is still willing to give them other chances.
    That just isn't the case at all for Marvel. I used to love the idea of the shared universe and absolutely adore the comic book company, but now I just see it for what it is. A middle-of-the-road, poorly-run, underpaying/nickle-and-diming superhero factory. It's all about pushing whatever you can as fast as you can, regardless of the standalone quality of each film, etc.
    But again, despite my knowledge of the studio systems, and observations of them in recent years- perhaps I am, a bit, over-sentimentalizing my favorite studio. I just don't see it happening with JLA, for the reasons noted above.
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    As to which films had which budget and how well they did... I started off with Non-middle of the road movies which were garbage and had big budgets and then went all over the place. Green Lantern (the first movie I mentioned) had a budget of 200 mill and barely made 220, which is a profit but so negligible that its a failure. Catwoman cost $100 million and made 82 million and was universally panned. Superman returns made a profit but was also had such a luke warm reception that they scrapped Brandon Routh. The rest of the movies were just examples of bad movies that got put out and no one is proud of saying "I own." I mention Steel because that characters relation to superman could have made it a good movie. Imagine doing Steel now. It would be set in a world where superman died and would allow you to mix the dark knight and iron man into a semi passable film. Mentioning all kinds of movies that the studio has put out is designed to awaken you to fact that they are about the money, and not super concerned with the brand. Most people will know The Dark Knight trilogy because of Chris Nolan and not because of Warner Brothers. Warner Brothers is a movie pimp... and any time they have a good product they will go hands off and let the director or producer have their way.
    I mention the Amazing spiderman film because its a closer copy of one of the takes to the source material. I mention the X men movies because they were some of the pioneers of the super hero movies and the first 3 weren't really that good and there was a marked different in Wolverine and The First Class.
    Good or bad all studios take a gamble because they have to. They look at the line up of a rival studio and will try to do something similar and also try to make something different. Im not going to give Warner Brothers credit for anything except owning superman.
    Hiring the guy who made casino royal sounds like a great win except if you consider the movies are fundamentally different. The Avengers success will get attributed to Josh Whedon whose had a background in sci fi and action and learned a lot since Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
    WB is still going to give them a chance because that's what you are afforded when you've had success. Win an Oscar and everyone will forever love you even if you pump crap out for a long time afterwards.
    Marvel does nickel and dime and pay low... but that's because of their past failures. Who woulda thought that Marvel would be relevant again after comics started dying off and they went bankrupt? After X men found some success Marvel really started to become a player when studios realized they were sitting on tons of gold. Low pay is a bargaining chip because it keeps the actor from getting bigger then the movie. Marvel is not letting anyone control its projects again and their movies have been better then the past super hero films (excluding the dark knight trilogy). Low pay... **** Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans only got 3 million dollars plus a smaller fraction of the gross box office receipts. As a SAG-Aftra talent I can tell you that's substantially above scale. They are negotiating the deals like you would expect a TV deal. Samuel L Jackson signed a 13 picture deal and most of these (except the Avengers) were BRIEF cameos. The next avengers movie is going to be used as a platform for a World War Hulk and Marvel's Phase 3.
    You can have your opinions on Marvel the company but they were a comic book company who survived the drop off and excelled for so long. Movies are the new comic book. I would give props to Marvel if they could negotiate crossovers between Sony and Fox controlled properties. A fantastic four movie could easily have a scene with Spiderman racing the Human Torch or the entire fantastic four battling the hulk. Hell, they could drop daredevil, she hulk and any number of NY dwelling heroes into that film. They are making money, making films people want to watch and employing tons of VFX and CGI artists.
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    Pointing out good and bad movies that WB have made is a little pointless. Every studio will have good and bad movies. Hell, all of us have made good and bad movies, because things don't always turn out as you'd hoped.
    One thing I think Andrew is right about is that when WB do get something right, they tend to have the courage to stick with something and give it room to breathe. Matrix, Potter and Dark Knight are all good examples of that: series that back in the 80s/90s would have been run into the ground very quickly by nervous execs (in fact, that's exactly what WB did with the original Batman series). WB seem to be quite good at having long-term faith in their filmmakers.
    I actually disagree quite strongly about Nolan's Batman not working in the context of Superman/JLA. Having rewatched his trilogy last year leading up to TDKR, I noted how it's far, far more 'comic booky' and fantastical than I'd remembered. Sure, compared to Batman & Robin, Batman Begins is a gritty, arthouse kitchen sink drama.
    But actually, when you re-watch them, you realise it has fear gas, and a man with a sack on his head, and giant exploding sewer systems spreading fear gas around the city, and car chases across rooftops. TDK is more serious but still has moments of complete fantasy. TDKR is then the most fantastical of them all, with a very silly STOP THE BOMB! plot and lots of derring-do.
    I reckon that would fit right in with a broader universe. I think it would be specifically very interesting to see the Nolan characters wrestling with the sudden appearance of Superman.
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    @Simon for me Comic Booky is more of the high flying jumps and fighting. I didn't get the sense that anything wasn't possible in real life. Some of my favorite batman moments from the animated series was when it was batman vs a metahuman and he beats them very badly. Batman vs Clayface or Killer Croc. The batman of the most of the comics and cartoons was the worlds greatest detective and he was just the guy who did not scare easily. Not from a super strong bane whose ripped up on Venom and not from Superman. There is talk of Nolan and Bale coming back for JLA that leaked out this weekend.
    Also, to me the comic book style is more inline with batman being an Olympic class athlete so the jumps and flips around are a little more common and mid air recovers.

    This is how batman needs to be

    This is the world that batman needs to be able to inhabit

    Does Bale's batman fit? Not even close. Again I like the Dark Knight Trilogy but not enough to wish it was crammed into the JLA universe. I ask you to put aside your love of the Dark Knight and ask yourselves what version of batman is needed for JLA? I don't want batman to look anything less then the brilliant mind that makes him one of the toughest and core members of JLA. I loved Tom Hardy's bane, but he doesn't fit in a world of super powered villians and heroes either. Its the same reason why Smallville and Arrow do not exist in the same "universe." That green arrow works well in a world with The Dark Knight but would be silly in Smallville. A great man once said "Indiana... let it go" JLA needs to mesh... and not be a hodgepodge of completely different concepts built in different universes. These hodgepodge ideas have been the bane of the comic book movie existences and have bastardized many a good IP.
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    and the dark Knight rises may have been really silly but it worked well in that universe. Also, are we getting old man batman whose not really fit to fight?
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    Justice League in action
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    I don't want another Bale/Batman movie. If anything, have it be JGL/Batman.
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    I dont see the Justice League movie working at all. Maybe it needs to stay in the cartoon world. Bale over played Batman where it got silly with the voice. Michael Keaton did a good batman for the time it was released. Bale just sucked and killed the Terminator movie. The Avengers worked, the green Lantern movie was horrible. Maybe it will be just a big rumor.
    JLG as Batman, he dont have the right look to pull it off. If a Justice League movie was made, I figure it will flop.
    The new Superman movie looks decent so far, but maybe the trailer has all the good parts in it.
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    Here is a clip from the first time batman fought bane. That style fighting would not fit with a movie with other superheroes.

    I think Batman in JLA should move like Captain America. No not super strong but way more agile. If batman isn't doing flips or running up things(like hawkeye did in avengers) then they are going a little too real.
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    I always loved Kevin Conroy's take on Batman. My twin brother and I have watched the Batman cartoons way back since the WB's animated series, then Superman, Batman beyond, Justice League, JLU and any animated movie that's come out since.
    I can't help but agree with Micheal James but it could possibly... just maybe... work with Bale as Batman in a JLA movie. And that's a big maybe.
    See... Bale's Batman is a brawler, he uses brute strength. I'm not saying that he can't fight because anyone can fight, hand to hand that is. But Bale's Batman, if you watch closely... he doesn't use, or at least he doesn't seem to use, or have a whole lot of martial skill even though he's done nothing but train almost his entire life.
    It's almost like watching a bunch of kids in a school yard fight. So even though his fighting technique works for the most part in the Nolan films... it definitely wouldn't work in a JLA movie, where he'd be fighting super villains. He needs to be acrobatic and use that brain and all of those gadgets that he comes up with.
    That's just one of my pet peeves concerning films. If the fight scenes look dodgy... it won't ruin the entire film but it sure will make me tilt my head to the side and think... Really? Really dude? 8-|
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    I agree, the route they went with Batman's fighting style in the Nolan films would not fit well into a traditonal superhero movie (with people who are actually super).
    The reason I say JGL as Batman over Bale is because in the end of TDKR he passes it on to JGL. I would hate to see him come back as Batman after the way he left things. I personally like the way he left them.
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