Future 48fps Export Option?

I'm not sure that I'm posting this in the right section, but I noticed that in Hitfilm Ultimate 2 I could import a 60 fps clip onto a 24 fps timeline and then export it as a 24fps movie, essentially converting my clip into 24 frames. Ever since The Hobbit came out, I've wanted to do a Hobbit spoof and to use 48 frames per second. Since My camera can't record at 48, only 60, I thought it might be fun to have an "export as 48fps" option on Hitfilm 2, that way I could shoot my footage at 60 import it to a 48fps timeline and export it in Hitfilm 2 as 48fps. I don't know anything about making editing software and I have no idea how hard this would be to add, but I thought it would be fun to play with and I figured I'd bring it up to the Hitfilm team :)
Many thanks, -Dustin


  • NullUnit
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    I think the main problem with that is that youtube and vimeo dont have an option for uploading 48p videos. So, they would end up converting the video back to 30p or 24p. I think the best way to mimic the look of the hobbit would be to shoot in 60p and then render as 60p. Also use a high shutter speed. Which would require lots of light.
  • Robin
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    Well, Null Unit is right on that. Also, converting from 60 to 48 fps would cause some other troubles, because 60 is no multiple of 48, so you would get some frameblending, which would probably look horrible and not really like 48 fps. That is if you're not using a tool like twixtor, which can interpolate in-between frames, but that would involve much computing time and it also is quite expensive I think.
    But if you really wanted to, you can export to uncompressed AVI, as that codec doesn't have limitations on the framerate, and afterwards render it to a delivery codec with another editor.