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I might have missed it, but how do i copy and paste an edited effects/grading from one seperate clip to another in the time line ?
I do it all the time in my movie editor, so i kinda miss it in HF2 or havent found it yet :blush:


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    Select the effect(s), press Ctrl+C or right-click and click "Copy", switch to the layer you want to paste them to, and press Ctrl+V or right-click and click "Paste". You can also just drag and drop effects between layers, although I'm not sure right now if holding Ctrl will copy the effect or if it just moves them.
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    You can also create and apply presets. So if you have a particular effects combo that you're using a lot, it's probably going to be easier to save that setup as a preset, which you can then drag onto layers direct from the Effects panel in a single move.
    To create a preset simply select the effects on the layer that you want to include (ctrl/shift click to multi select), then right click and choose 'create preset'.
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    Yup . . . And thanx Simon