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All of a sudden I have having problems running HitFilm 2 Ultimate. I have been able to run the program without any problems until the last couple days. It runs slow, stutters, says program is not responding, and audio lags behind video. I am guessing my graphics card is not good enough...
system information:
1. Hewlett Packard p7-1436s
2. Processor: AMD A6-5400K Dual Core 3.6 GHZ
3. RAM: 32GB
4. 64 bit operating system Windows 8
5. Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD7540D 65W
Graphics are integrated. Any help would be appreciated.
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  • Hendo
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    Since HitFilm was working fine until a couple of days ago, that would suggest that something changed recently on your PC which has affected HitFilm.
    Can you remember doing any of the following?
    * Installed new drivers
    * Changed video driver settings
    * Installed new software utilities
    * Changed configuration of your PC
    Also, are you doing anything different in HitFilm compared to a couple of days ago? Try opening an old project file that you know was working fine, and see if it now has any problems.
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    Thanks for the reply. I am pretty confident it is my graphics card. Old hitfilm projects opened fine, but they are mostly short learning projects. I have begun getting more "sophisticated" and doing some advanced projects for my company and they are the ones that stutter, etc.
    I purchased a AMD Radeon HD 7870 just waiting on it to arrive. Hopefully that will fix the problem.