How do I use shaped texture ?

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Ok, want to put a letter over a video so the letter looks like it is floating. I made a black background with a ragged old letter in the middle using paint shop pro. I then opened a test video clip in HitFilm and made a comp. I then added the texture I made to the comp and set it as Add. Problem is the letter color is faded and transparent with the video showing through. I want the letter to be solid.
I did try some others blends but could not get a solid floating letter.


  • AxelWilkinson
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    If the letter is black, on a white background, then you could use the Multiply Blend mode and get a solid letter happening. But in general, you will want to create an alpha channel in the image, so that everything but the letter itself is transparent. This would be handled in Paint Shop Pro, before you import the image into Hitfilm. I've never used Paint Shop Pro, but here is the process I use to do this in Photoshop:
    Open a new document.
    Create a new layer, and add your letter (or whatever image you will be working with) to the new layer.
    Delete the original background layer.
    Save as a PNG.
    I'm using Photoshop, so the process might be different in Paint Shop Pro. But the documentation should have some info about alpha channels and transparency, if the above steps don't work.
  • teisco
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    Thanks again Axel, it now works fine.
  • RossTrowbridge
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    Paint Shop Pro (X2 in my case) has a 'Transparent' checkbox for the background when you create a new picture. Select that, and you'll have a transparent background to build your graphic on.