Table Football

Here is my latest, short, sketch/film

This is the first version, it will be edited again when my friend sends me some of their music, which is completely different to the music used in this.
I may take this video down when the new one comes out, depending on what happens with copyright, etc...
Let me know what you think and what you have o say about it, i can think of a few places it can be improved, i hope you can too, always looking to improve and learn!


  • MatthiasClaflin
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    Ah the wilhelm scream!
    Anyway. overall I found the video to be lacking in the area of pacing. I think it could be greatly improved by quicker cuts and faster camera movements. The "fight" didn't have as much energy as I think it was intended. I think this was mostly due to the pacing in the edit and the generally slow and uninteresting camera movements during this part. Just my opinion of course.
    Outside of the fight sequence the dialogue audio was very poor, lots of noise. Did you use the camera's on board microphone? Did you do any post processing to the audio? Audacity is free and has fairly good noise removal if you know how to use it. I think this would also have benefited the video immensely.
    Color grading also seemed to be missing completely. Did you do any color correction/grading? It seemed like all these shots were straight from the camera, is that correct? Maybe I'm wrong though. I think that some kind of grade/correction would have helped in improving the overall production quality.
    Overall it was entertaining and a neat little idea for a sketch or short. With a few adjustments I feel your next project could be much stronger on the technical side of things.
  • Froi
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    The fight was not intended to have pace, I aim for as few a cuts as possible in a fight, so the viewer can see everything that happens, instead of having to randomly guess at every cut.
    But really there is no speed needed in this fight, swings him around, gets up, grabs hand, and that is all, the man is completely do,invent over the other and should be easily portrayed through this pacing?
    Also by Uninteresting what do you mean? One of the parts I like the most is the camera movements, smooth, clean and allows the viewer to see what's happening, I hope you're not saying you'd rather a very shakey hard to tell what's happening type of camera?
    The audio is pretty rubbish yes, I'm working on that at the moment, not to sure how to get rid of all the white noise though...
    Grading, not much, but yes there has been some, just want it to look less made up... Sometimes I feel that a clip and it's grade is like make up... Slap on too much and it's just trying too hard and looks daft, like many short films are... But I get what you mean, and I'd like to go into more grading of that in the coming days, just been busy at school and wanted to show subscribers something in the mean time (hence the name, version 1) :)
    Thanks for the input though
  • MatthiasClaflin
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    Every cut has a pace. Regardless of fast or slow. The pacing on the fight seemed to be slow and unnatural. The shots were almost all "medium" shots. Very little variance in camera dsitance from the subject. Very little motion. Very little change in angle (mostly up towards the characters). It was just simply, in my opinion, dull to watch. I am not a huge fan of shaky camera, like that of BB/TDK/TDKR. It was hard to see what was going on and I find that to be frustrating as a viewer.
    This is a fight scene from the movie "Ip Man"

    In this fight scene there is little to no movement in the camera, but it varies in angles and distance from the actors. You can clearly follow the fight, and you can feel the intensity in the scene. What I am saying is that for me, your video did not do that. Not that this was meant to be some sort of "intense" fight between the two characters, but it simply lacked style, for lack of a better word. It felt like a "home movie" rather than a short film/sketch because the camera movement, and angles felt very repetitive.
    What are you using to edit audio?
    I do also agree. Over-grading something is a common problem, especially when you look at something in amature/indie movies, however the right grading can give you a necessary feel. Not only is grading important, but lighting as well. Bad lighting will almost always become a bad grade. It seeems that you used only available lighting in this short, which is most evident in the scene where the man walks down the stairs, which takes a lot away from this particular short/sketch. In my opinion. Of course this is a creative process, and you have all the right in the world to take or leave my advice as it is all based on my opinion.
    Have a wonderful day/night!
    - Matthias Claflin
  • SimonKJones
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    In this case, 'pace' doesn't necessarily mean fast. It just means giving the impression of deliberate purpose to the storytelling. I agree with Matthias that the fight could have done with a bit more - the opening few shots, before the fight, are stylish and snappily paced, but once the actual combat begins it feels rather too loose - the swings around, for example, feels like it takes quite a while. However, I would say that the end few shots of the fight work really well - the kick and build-up to the kick are great.
    The only other thing I'd say is that conceptually/thematically it's quite mixed. You have the table football aspect, then a hand-to-hand fight, then a fun sparking super-powered hand, then a very gory (albeit mostly off-screen) hand crush, then a comedic 300 "this is Sparta!" moment.
    I wonder whether focusing on a single particular element would have made for a more cohesive/funnier video. For example, what if the whole fight was done in the style of 300 from start to finish? Every move/line inspired by 300, but with a comedy table football twist? Along the same lines, the table football itself seems largely irrelevant, in that this could have been a disagreement over anything. Due to the focus on the table football, maybe the live action combat should somehow have reference table football - the reference to the players having no arms could have been used, or some life-sized table football players complete with the bars could have appeared or something....
    I'm rambling a bit now, so I'll stop. :) My main point is that I enjoyed this, it was generally of a decent quality, but I felt like a bit more thematic focus would have raised it to a whole other level.
    Looking forward to what you do next!
  • Froi
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    edited February 2013
    Well the hand grab was inspired by Lenny, in "of mice and men" when he breaks Curley's hand... There are just few shots to make that scene up, no quick pacing or what ever...
    And yes i personally think that the fall to start the fight (from the shove) could have been a bit snappier, but now i see what you mean there simon, watching it back it does look a little weak when he is swung around.
    Yes i do like to get plots as random as i can, it's one of my fun little things i like to do, if there is a chance to make something weird and out there, that no one really expects, i will try and go for that chance! :) But obviously not for a serious project though.
    But back to the grading point that Mattias mentioned, i have just seen some of the latest "pirates of the Caribbean" and there is little grading in most of the shots, just made so the colours are more bold and rich, which i want to try to achieve, however I had a lull in focus when it came to making it look more attractive, i will fix that for version 2 though... I personally quite like having more natural colours, rather than saturated colours in my clips. This s because when the colours are too saturated, especially when in the background, they can really detract attention away from the main focus of the film, which i do not want to do. :)
    And again, thanks for commenting, i do like to talk about methods of filming and editing, which will aid furutre projects in the process!
  • Froi
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    New version.
    I took Matthias' info and thought yeah it does look pretty rubbish with the grade so i did this nice bright saturated one which should match the music.
    I have left the pacing how it is as that is how i want it, and i have added some extra stuff, please enjoy!