scripting composite shots

I've read here in the forums that is possible to write a script to create a hitfilm composite shot. So how could I do it and what are the advantages? And which programming language should I learn?


  • dauid
    dauid Website User Posts: 41
    There are two advantages that I can think of:
    1. Automation.
    Say you have a bunch of video clips and you want them all to be in a comp, positioned in a certain way. Instead of having to manually import every clip and positioning them by hand you could write a script that does it for you.
    2. Exporting camera movement and animation from other software.
    This is what I'm doing. I make animations in Anime Studio and want to be able to export cameras and layers into Hitfilm for compositing and effects.
    As for programming language, hitfilm comps are just text files (formatted in xml) so any language that can write a text file will do. I think pretty much every language can do that in one way or another. Even windows batch files can do it.
  • DiVideos3k
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    Thanks a lot, dauid. Now I understand why is it so useful and I have just started to learn xml. :D