How come the camera moves when it's not supposed to?

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Try this:
1. Create a camera.
2. Set a keyframe on a frame
3. On the very next frame, move the camera to create a new keyframe.
4. Check the frames after that. The camera moves slightly after the last keyframe.
I've tried adding a new keyframe on the frame after a quick movement with the exact same value as the last keyframe but it still moves.
I've tried changing interpolations on the keyframes as well but the camera still moves.
Those are two keyframes with the exact same value but, because there is a quick movement preceding them, that happens.
I've written a script for Anime Studio that exports Hitfilm composite shots. The animated point layers seem to work perfectly but because the Hitfilm cameras have this weird behaviour I can't get it to sync 100%.
Does anyone know why the camera behaves like this and is there anything I can do about it?
Edit: I thought that since point layers stop when they're supposed to, maybe I could parent the camera to a point layer, but no. The point stops properly but the camera still moves that extra frame... :(


  • SimonKJones
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    This is caused by the automatic motion blur. If you go into the comp's settings and turn off motion blur, it won't happen. Alternatively, if you need motion blur on, you can change the shutter phase to 0 to eliminate the movement overlap.
  • dauid
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    Ah, thank you very much! Now the exported camera from my script matches perfectly with the exported video.