Fractal Noise wipe problem

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Hi, I've done two tests re Simon's tutorial re the procedural fractal wipe but every time I add the displacement layer I get a solid bar at the beginning and end of the shot. I think my GPU may not be powerful enough to process beginning and end correctly. Running ATIi radeoN hd5670 video processor with dual 1024 mb memory @ 775mhz which I can max @1000mhz. I'm running a certified data computer running AMD Athelon x2 3000 mhz 2 core processors 4 gb memory. Just uploaded my 2nd test to the Movie Wall Any thoughts from those out there.


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    I had a look at this and can indeed replicate it using certain other fractal noise patterns - switching to blob instead of clowns reveals the hard edge of the mask, for example, in my project. I've yet to properly identify why this happens, but I think it's primarily just a side effect of this rather unusual and specific technique.
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