True Blood style fast movement

Hey there folks,
I'm playing around with a few VFX ideas while I'm getting used to the software and I was wondering - how would you do the fast movement effect from True Blood?
It's more than a sped up tape as there's a kind of short trail, blur added. But I'm not really sure how to do it using Hit Film 2. Any ideas or suggestions as to where to start?


  • Robin
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    I have not seen true blood, but from what you describe you might want to try the Motion Trails effect, combined with speeding up the footage.
  • NuttyBanana
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    It might be slightly different but I did this once, quite easy (video here:
    Basically I duplicated the video layer then drew a mask around the person in the top layer, leaving a little extra space behind to create that trail effect. Then just throw a directional blur on the top layer and maybe turn the opacity down a touch to blend it if needed. Of course it also helps that both videos are sped up.
    The masking doesn't need to be too precise so it's a nice easy effect.
  • Evinshir
    Evinshir Website User Posts: 6
    Thanks for the tip! :) I'll try it out today.
  • Evinshir
    Evinshir Website User Posts: 6
    Speed Test
    So here's a test run I did with some footage from an old project. I'm fairly pleased with how it turned out. Unfortunately it looks like my machine is either not powerful enough or I need to check my settings so I have to export the video before the effect is visible - which adds time to the work. But it came out pretty much how I wanted. Thanks!
  • guitar74
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    I think True blood did the fast run I call it like from the last 2 resident evil movies, when the guy in the sun glasses moves fast.
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