2012 VFX Showreel

Stev1e4Stev1e4 Website User Posts: 30
This is a showreel of my work from 2012:

This is almost everything I have created using HitFilm starting from HitFilm Standard that I got for my birthday in January of 2012 to HitFilm Ultimate and recently the upgrade to HitFilm Ultimate 2
Please could you spend a moment to give it a watch and tell me what you think of my work and how I have improved :) (there are the dates that I created each effect in the description)


  • DasCalverDasCalver Website User, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 18 Just Starting Out
    You have done some very cool effects :)
    I like how well you blend the effects in the real shot .
  • Stev1e4Stev1e4 Website User Posts: 30
    Thank you very much DasCalver! :D
  • ESPicturesESPictures Website User Posts: 533 Just Starting Out
    Some cool stuff in there. I like the one with the day for night where the light glow moves up the arm along the skeleton.
  • guitar74guitar74 Website User Posts: 506
    For a short time user, got some good effects like this. The guy smashed against the wall is great. I wish I had a lot of time to spend playing with the program.
  • KahvehRobinettKahvehRobinett Website User Posts: 443
    Some of this is very impressive! But I would try to make the reel smaller and focus on your best work. Otherwise Great job!
  • Stev1e4Stev1e4 Website User Posts: 30
    Thanks guys and thanks for the advice :))
  • SimonKJonesSimonKJones Moderator Website User, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 4,450 Enthusiast
    Yeah, there's some really great stuff in here. Lots of innovation in the shots and VFX.
    As Kahveh says, for a showreel I'd advise making it as short as possible - maybe around 40 seconds, and pick out only the very best shots. Trim them down so that there's very little padding around the edges of the VFX.
    Have you done anymore short films? Prodigy had some really excellent moments.
  • Stev1e4Stev1e4 Website User Posts: 30
    Thanks Simon!
    I'll definately take this advice into consideration for my already planned 2013 showreel next year.
    I have actually, the showreel contained at least one effect from every film me and my friends have made and some effects from films we never ended up finishing.
    You can check out films that me and 2 of my friends have made on this channel that we share: www.youtube.co.uk/user/VFXcreations
    I do all the special effects for these films and my films are under the 'Steven's Films' playlist (my name being Steven of course :P )
    PS: I own HitFilm 2 as well as After Effects CS6 but around 95% of my work is made with HitFilm because personally I much prefer it to AE and in some cases it does a much better job :)
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